In late 2021, the soap opera Days of Our Lives revived its most iconic and beloved and controversial storyline: the possession of Marlena, aka the Mardevil. We review, with memories of childhood summers, wild Days plotlines, a debate in the comment section, and a sociological theory of possession. Highlights from the 1994–1995 Mardevil plot: John Black casts the devil out: Days bringing back the possession story, with a vibrant user comments section: The Devil comes back for Marlena after 25 years: The second exorcism of Marlena (2021): ; An update on the recent Mardevil plot revival: Further updates on the current Mardevil plot revival: Deidre Hall brings holy water to set: Marlena Evans on The Deidre Hall website: Notorious and ridiculous Days plotlines from which we quote: ​​ ; Book review on possession: