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Speaking Silence

Gospel: From Problem to Promise

There is no answer to the question of suffering if an answer means an explanation of its necessity or why some suffer so much more than others. But if "answer" means "response," then the gospel is the response.

Benjamin the Scribe

New Testament Gospel Doctrine Lesson 16: John 9-10 (Updated)

Two chapters of John today. John 9:1-3 These verses (as well as other scriptural or historical examples) demonstrate that prophets and apostles tend to share the world views and/or assumptions of their time. We would call these “incorrect” from our own cultural perspective, but certainly our own views on various things can be judged to [Read More...]


Mike Pence Wears Pink Panties

The Religious Freedom Restoration Acts, or RFRA’s, that the states are adopting, pell-mell, have the right idea, and I want in. A RFRA is a vital piece of state-level legislation that strengthens the constitutional protection of religious exercise, because the constitutional protection of religion has become an eighteenth-century coot, grown so toothless and old that [Read More...]

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