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Public Square

Is Faith Rational, Irrational, or Arational?

Is faith a reasonable approach to reality or a blind leap? Here you'll find the ideas of children and believers and skeptics and philosophers. What do you think?

Benjamin the Scribe

BoM Gospel Doctrine Lesson 28: Alma 32-34

First, the structure of the text. Alma 30-34 are really one unit, which we break up. In the 1830, they constitute one chapter (Alma XVI). Presumably, we’re breaking these up because of their doctrinal nature. Today we cover Alma 32-34, which looks like thisin the rough big-picture outline. 32– Alma continues preaching at Antionum; “faith sermon” [Read More...]

Speaking Silence

Giving God Counsel?

Larry Walters, my home teacher, stopped by the house Sunday evening for a chat. We talked for at least an hour on our front porch, though I know that Larry was anxious to get back to his family. He had grandchildren coming in from out of town last night, but he made more than a [Read More...]

The Welcome Table

Prejudice–thou Ugly!

A few years ago, I wrote this account of some experiences I had with Darius Gray.  I must share it again. Prejudice, which President Kimball called “thou ugly,” mattered deeply to President Gordon B. Hinckley. He was troubled to hear about anyone being mistreated—and particularly when the excuse for mistreatment was race-based. Darius Gray was [Read More...]

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