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Public Square

Consumerism Gone Wild

What personal, community, and governmental practices might bring some relief to wealth disparities, and how do religious traditions have a role to play? Has consumerism become a religion?

Benjamin the Scribe

New Testament Gospel Doctrine Lesson 43: 1-2 Peter, Jude

These three epistles are usually grouped with James and the three epistles of John, together called the Catholic Epistles. Greek katholikos means “universal”, and so they are sometimes called the General Epistles, since they’re written universally, to everyone, in general. Once again, there’s not really an overarching theme, so we’re going to play thematic wack-a-mole. Find something [Read More...]


Do Not Suffer the Children

As of yesterday, assuming the news stories are right, if you’re three days old, innocent, helpless, completely free of complicity with the ugliness of the world, the LDS church will not allow any ordained member of the church to give you a ceremonial name-blessing, if you also happen to be the natural or adopted child of [Read More...]

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