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Public Square

Sacrifice: Religions and the Role of the Scapegoat

Many religious traditions have a story of sacrifice at the heart of their cultic practice. Explore these stories and their meaning in the Bible and in the Quran.

Benjamin the Scribe

BoM Gospel Doctrine Lesson 15: Mosiah 1-3

To open, we need some big picture structural discussion. Mosiah 1 is not Mosiah 1. In fact, it is Mosiah 3, and the first two chapters are missing. How do we know this? First, Book of Mormon books tend to be named after the first and major character, but Mosiah opens with… Benjamin, not his father Mosiah1. [Read More...]


“Letter to a CES Director” and Highlander Syndrome

I haven’t read the entire text of Jeremy Runnells’ Letter to a CES Director.  I mean, it’s so long.  It’s not that I never read things that are long.  But the CES Letter is so gratuitously longer than necessary that I haven’t read every word, and, unapologetically, I’m sure I never will. Even so, I [Read More...]

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