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Peculiar People

Mormons and Free Trade

Despite a rocky history, Mormons have come to love free trade. They should keep advocating for it in the face of Trump’s skepticism. An ancient text describes a group of people who benefited from open borders and free trade. But it isn’t British economist Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, but rather the Book of Mormon, [Read More...]

Benjamin the Scribe

A Bit of News

I’ve got some public speaking coming up, and I’m excited. First, I’ll be in Utah over the summer as an enthusiastic participant in the Maxwell Institute’s Summer Seminar on Culture, working with Terryl Givens and Philip Barlow. The topic is right up my alley, “Mormonism Confronts the World”– How the LDS Church Has Responded to Developments in Science, Culture, [Read More...]

Mormon Therapist

We are not the authorities on “counterfeit marriage”….

I wrote a post at the beginning of the week celebrating a video the church released showing a family being affirmative of their gay son and owning the many ways their ignorance and bias had harmed him and their family system. I was so moved and genuinely celebrated this step in the right direction that [Read More...]

Faith-Promoting Rumor

Some methodological guidelines for the dating of biblical texts

New post on the dating of biblical texts


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Mormons Adopt Empathetic Tone Towards LGBT Members, But No Doctrinal Shift
Mormons Adopt Empathetic Tone Towards LGBT Members, But No Doctrinal Shift
Mormon leaders told gay and lesbian members that attraction to people of the same sex is not a sin or a measure of their faithfulness, but having sex violates fundamental doctrinal beliefs that aren’t going to change.