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How to Be a Mormon in Good Standing: Keep Your Mouth Shut

Dirty laundry In 2012 I received a distraught phone call from a local church leader. He was concerned about my first few blog posts at KiwiMormon. “You are airing our dirty laundry,” he complained. “We don’t do that.” He’s right. Good Mormons don’t air the church’s dirty laundry. This habit of keeping our mouths shut [Read More...]

Benjamin the Scribe

Podcast post

I was interviewed last year for the LDS Perspectives podcast, which I recommend. Therein, I allude to a lot of different books and papers, linked below. I also cited John Widtsoe on genre, from his 1930 book In Search of Truth available online here.  Widtsoe said, “As in all good books every literary device is used in the Bible [Read More...]

Mormon Therapist

The Wisdom Within Us

I am currently hosting a Mormon Matters Retreat… and one of my favorite parts is when we give time for each attendee to introduce themselves and share some of their story, their relationship with Mormonism, what they are currently struggling with and what they hope to get out of the experience. I am always humbled [Read More...]


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Mormons Adopt Empathetic Tone Towards LGBT Members, But No Doctrinal Shift
Mormons Adopt Empathetic Tone Towards LGBT Members, But No Doctrinal Shift
Mormon leaders told gay and lesbian members that attraction to people of the same sex is not a sin or a measure of their faithfulness, but having sex violates fundamental doctrinal beliefs that aren’t going to change.