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Public Square

The Spirituality of Sex

What does your faith tradition say about the meaning of our sexuality and sexual activity? What role does sex play in the life of the spirit?

Benjamin the Scribe

An update and book preview

I wrote four draft posts on Saturday, two for Gospel Doctrine lessons, and two on other topics (reading the Bible with children, and one on Chaim Potok, Isaac Asimov, and reading scripture). I meant to get up early and post the next Gospel Doctrine lesson before anyone on the east coast got to Church, but things happen. [Read More...]

Mormon Therapist

Trump Triggering PTSD in Sexual Assault Victims

As a therapist, I have never before taken a public stance on who people should vote for within the political spectrum. This year that has drastically changed — and I am not alone: America’s Therapists Are Worried About Trump’s Effect on Your Mental Health. I was taking a stance against Trump long before the Washington Post [Read More...]

Faith-Promoting Rumor

Review of The Hebrew Bible: A Critical Companion, ed. John Barton

I have posted a review of The Hebrew Bible: A Critical Companion, ed. John Barton, on my blog.

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