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Speaking Silence

My Responsibility for Pain: The Bully Within

Every being is inexorably part of the lace of life and creation. Every other person is my grandchild. I am every grandchild's potential bully.

Benjamin the Scribe

Gospel Doctrine Lesson 48: Zechariah, Malachi

Several of the aspects of Zechariah have already been treated, such as water flowing out from the temple and future prophecies in general. All I would add is this wisdom from Elder Maxwell. The chiliast, one who believes in a second coming of Christ that will usher in a millennial reign, has special challenges in reading signs. [Read More...]

Home Waters

If Truth Were A Child

We live in the age of polemics. Choices are presented to us as mutually exclusive, and you are not given the time to listen, to be reflective and careful in your judgment, or to acknowledge nuance and the validity of different points of view. You are supposed to pick your enemies, not consult with them. [Read More...]

The Soul and the City

Intellect and Affection – How to Be a Faithful Mormon Intellectual

I suppose I should be happy that no one has undertaken in any substantial way to dispute my reading of Benjamin Park’s review of worthy books by David Holland and Eran Shalev in the recent Journal of Book of Mormon Studies, or my analysis of the significance of this review in relation to interventions by [Read More...]

Peculiar People

Joseph Smith Papers: Documents Volume 3

A couple of weeks ago, I participated—by Skype—in the launch event for the newest Documents volume of the celebrated Joseph Smith Papers Project. I assume the project needs no introduction at this point, having already published more than a half-dozen volumes. The installment I’ll review here is already the third published volume in the Documents [Read More...]


The Ritual Transgression of Time

One of the more bizarre practices among world religions occurs annually among a small group of devotees in Delhi, India. At a designated time during the last few weeks of the year, and coinciding with the community’s most significant yearly festival, the members of this community come together to perform a ritual which commemorates their [Read More...]


Why Leaving the Church Often Means Leaving God

This guest post is by New Zealander Mike Cammock who is originally from Christchurch.  Mike has served a mission in Taiwan, and currently resides in Windsor, Vermont.  He and his wife Chris are the parents of two children.   My name is Mike Cammock. I am a Kiwi. I am also Mormon. I grew up on the [Read More...]

Faith-Promoting Rumor

How to Start a Culture War

Hold strong opinions about a few issues. The more people that care about the issues, the better. These opinions need not be informed opinions; conviction is the key. (Note, one issue is usually insufficient to start a culture war, but don’t choose too many because then you’ll dilute the message and make it difficult to [Read More...]

The Welcome Table

By Popular Request–Me in Multiple Personalities

I shared this only with those who requested it for a few days, but am now letting everyone in. Click here if your Christmas isn’t quite creepy enough.

Mormon Therapist

Mixed-Faith Workshop

I am looking into the possibility of hosting a full-day workshop (9am to 5 or 6 pm) for Mormon mixed-faith couples in the Salt Lake City/Park City, Utah area on December 27, 2014. I will be in town visiting family and I thought others might also be in Utah for the holidays who normally are [Read More...]