About Chris Gehrz

My name’s Chris Gehrz. I’m professor of history at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota, where I also help direct the Christianity and Western Culture program. I'm the editor of The Pietist Vision of Christian Higher Education and blog at The Pietist Schoolman.

A Brief History of Vacation Bible School

Keep in mind that VBS is one of those traditions in American Christianity that is well-established, but not as old as you might think. [Read more…]

A Spiritual (But Not Religious) Biography of Charles Lindbergh

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The Anxious Bench’s Favorite Historic Sites West of the Mississippi

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The Anxious Bench’s Favorite Historic Sites East of the Mississippi

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Mike Pence, “Orientation to Authority,” and Public Uses of Romans 13

When Vice President Mike Pence told Naval Academy graduates on Friday that they should “submit… to the authorities,” he revived an old American tradition of bringing Romans 13 into public discourse. [Read more…]

“Peace I leave with you”: Christianity, History, and Nuer Culture in South Sudan

Guest blogger Noel Stringham reflects on what he has learned about Scripture, history, and peace from the Nuer people of South Sudan. [Read more…]

Are There Good Religious History Books for Children?

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What’s the Future of the Evangelical Past?

Are we at the end of one era in the history of evangelicalism and the beginning of another? Where is the field headed? [Read more…]

Why Bother With “Diversity” in Christian Higher Education?

Guest blogger Andrea Turpin reflects on the value of diversity in Christian higher education, as seen in two of her courses this semester at Baylor University. [Read more…]

Teaching as an Act of Wonder

Teaching as an act of wonder: wondering at, wondering if, wondering while, wondering with, and wondering into existence. [Read more…]