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How did you celebrate Earth Day?

What?  You didn’t realize yesterday was Earth Day?

Well, if you forgot to “save the planet” by buying inferior-yet-more-expensive recycled products or by planting a tree, you might as well head over to National Review to read my mom’s thoughts on the holiday:

On this holiest of days for EcoLiberals, how about if Americans celebrate Earth Day with responsible energy development that leads to greater independence and conservation?

There’s no better way for President Obama and his administration to celebrate Earth Day than to embrace a real, environmentally sound commitment to energy independence instead of relying on foreign countries that lack environmental safeguards. One aspect of the “all-of-the-above” approach I have been discussing for years involves, of course, the necessity to “drill, baby, drill.”

It’s no secret that throughout America, including the very wealthy state of Alaska, we find a storehouse of natural resources that God so benevolently dumped underfoot, just waiting to be tapped. ANWR, for example, is screaming to be used to help bring prosperity and national security to America. Indeed, there is an inherent link between energy and prosperity and energy and security. On this day, as many are focused on preserving the planet, environmentalists need not fear that the land or wildlife would suffer from the wise decision to drill here. As Alaskans know, ANWR is not some luxurious vacation spot teeming with Bambi and friends frolicking through waterfalls and flower-strewn mountainsides, as environmentalist fundraising advertisements depict it. It is a vast, remote, desolate, frozen area available to be used with a tiny drilling footprint to bring the country closer to what is clearly needed: commonsense, money-saving, job-producing energy independence. Believe me, I live in the Last Frontier because I cherish the earth and thrive in the clean air and fresh water amid our plentiful wildlife. I don’t want to mess this up for future generations.

Read the rest here.  And, don’t feel bad if you didn’t do anything to celebrate… The earth will survive.  But I agree with Mom — let’s start thinking more responsibly about the topic!

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  • Joseppi

    Sarah always leaves out the most glaring issue in energy prices. We can drill all we want and increase supply all we want, but prices are determined on the global market. OPEC will and has adjusted their supply down when other countries increase production to control the price. So right now either they deplete their supplies or we deplete ours but the price won’t change if we drilled here more. It’s a nice thought in theory, it’s just won’t work in reality.

    I would like to see your mom or any pundit for that matter address this. Production is up and prices have not gone done… so production is not the easy fix she thinks it would be.

    • Bill589

      I disagree with you, I believe Sarah is right. I’d rather drill our own oil, or buy it from a friend like Canada, then give more money to our enemies in the middle east.

    • blackbird

      I disagree as well, “…Production is up and prices have not gone down…” you have ignored the uncertainty factor on the supply side and its effect on speculation. As I see it part of the anxiety of our future is precisely due to America not embarking on a comprehensive U.S energy policy as laid out by the Governor.

    • Frederick Lang

      I disagree as well. Basic economics of the proven past is that when demand is fulfilled because we have a secure and adequate supply of any product, the price ALWAYS goes down. If you are worried about price, energy independence will be the only answer. The supply is bountiful. The US has within her borders ample oil reserves right now, that can yet be explored and hear this, the latest is that oil may even be developing and adding to those reserve as we speak and debate the issue today!

      Some scientists are investigating the strong possibility that oil is currently being generated in the deepest hollows of the earth’s crust and mantle, that oil reserves do not have plant or animal elements on the microscopic level and by saying, it’s chemically being produced by the actions of the core and then being forced up under pressure to those deeper wells yet to be tapped. It may be deeper to drill but there could be an unlimited supply of oil for our immediate and future needs.

      In the meantime, we can develop and use ALL forms of energy and yes, green energy can be developed and used as well but the conventional taboos of using energy sources that is wrongly referred to as “fossil fuels”, no longer can nor should be applied to our energy needs, plus the fear of exhausting those supplies if this latest source discovery is true(And I believe it true). The internal combustion engine can be and has been designed to burn our fuel more efficiently and economically and I’m for that but until we cut loose our dependency on foreign oil, we will continue to be held hostage as a nation.

      Earth Day is ok and fun for those who participate but if you think about its beginnings, I think purposely celebrating it on Lenin’s birthday sends the wrong message, both politically and ideologically.

      • Joseppi

        For all those that disagree…

        I would love to see Sarah address this issue.

        • blackbird

          “…The Alaskan Explorer had sailed to a Washington refinery, but was forced to return to Alaska with 300,000 barrels because the onshore storage tanks were too full to accept the oil…”

          “…Not only has lower consumption not brought U.S. prices down, but it has also not eliminated our dependence on foreign oil…”

          The article does not give an opinion as to why America is still buying foreign oil and what about the double standard of the administration arguing and limiting domestic production, an example the Keystone XL pipeline.

          President Obama to Brazil: “…We want to work with you. We want to help with technology and support to develop these oil reserves safely, and when you’re ready to start selling, we want to be one of your best customers…”

          For the President’s political expediency the people will have to necessarily feel the pain.

    • otlset

      I believe the price of gas will go down for Americans as our resources are more fully and efficiently developed, especially if the energy companies are given incentive to favor sales to domestic users (besides the built-in “incentive” of geography and reduced transport costs) which would increase supply and thus drive down the price. Not only that, but the resultant increase in related private-sector jobs in that industry will also give a boost to the economy in general, and add to tax revenues. Add in the geopolitical advantages of becoming less dependent on unstable and/or antagonistic foreign oil sources and you have a winning strategy that the current misguided Obama administration is avoiding to the country’s detriment.

  • Sue Lynn

    Thanks Bristol. Thank God your mom has solutions that work. All we get now are lies and blah blah blah. I have to get out my Barry Barf bag out every time he opens his mouth…Hey I guess now its a Bark Bag.

  • bellagrazi

    Right on, Bristol! Earth has survived this long without liberals trying to save it. I’m sure it will do just fine without their help. Sarah Palin is an energy expert. I really wish people would listen to her solutions for America becoming energy independent.

    • Canadian Observer

      It is essential that we care what happens to our environment, bellagrazi.
      Lake Lucille is a prime example.

      • Frederick Lang

        I agree!
        However, like Lake Eire was polluted for decades under many mayoral administrations in Detroit and around the entire industrialized region, this little 350 acre lake too can be cleaned up, rejuvenated and fish reintroduced into its waters. It was either concentrating on putting people to work and revitalizing the Wasilla economy at the time. Unfortunately the lake died yes and rules on runoff and pollution was ignored by people of all political persuasions, but it brought that city back to life under Palin and that lake too can be brought back.

        Another unfortunate situation exists on California’s Sacramento River delta, where preserving a little minnow sized fish and diverting all fresh water to maintain its existence has caused hundreds of farmers to lose their farms and thousands and thousands of acres of production wasted to desert like conditions. All because radical environmentalists wanted to preserve this little fish and instead of moving them to a fresh water source elsewhere for survival, millions of gallons of fresh irrigation water was prevented from watering these farms. Now that land is dead for all intents and purposes!

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  • Joseph

    Thanks, Bristol! Bambi and friends, LOL. Your mom’s cool!

  • dyz

    “It is a vast, remote, desolate, frozen area…”

    Not really. Areas of ANWR are indeed permafrost but ANWR is also home of unique ecosystems and an incredible number of bird, mammal and fish species.

  • Doug

    If we dont vote out the bunch in DC this country well go under ! Earth Day ? I just dont know how thay plan to live . Thay are anti farming allso . GOD HELP US !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David Dempsey

    Bristol, I agree with your Mom – “drill, baby, drill”. And I am sure that she does not expect Obama and the Left-Wing-Nuts to agree with anything that she says. The Agenda of Obama and the Democrats does not include telling the Truth or doing what is best for our Country.

  • Joanne Mayo

    I love the way your mom brings God into the conversation in every issue she talks about. You do too! Drives the liberals whacky, but it’s blessing the socks off me! It’s giving God his rightful due. We’re Americans and we are blessed to be a blessing.

    • mountainguy

      Usamericans a blessing? hahahahahahahahahahahahaa, thanks, you made me laugh for today