Truth Revealed: The SCOTUS Decision

As everyone is trying to figure out what the Supreme Court ruling means, I agree with Rush Limbaugh who said yesterday on his radio show: the only thing we can do now is start winning elections.  Mom wrote about this on the her Facebook page:

Thank you, SCOTUS. This Obamacare ruling fires up the troops as America’s eyes are opened! Thank God.

This proves to be such an unsettling time in America as we undergo the fundamental transformation that Barack Obama promised he would do to us if elected. Obamacare was dealt in deception and confusion by flooding the public with an overwhelming amount of conflicting “rationale” via thousands of …pages of unread legislative detail, which is the radical left’s M.O. Obama promised the American people this wasn’t a tax and that he’d never raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000. We now see that this is the largest tax increase in history. It will slam every business owner and every one of the 50% of Americans who currently pay their taxes. The other 50% are being deceived if they think they’re going to get a free ride – because Medicaid is broke. Recipients of Obama’s “free health care” will have fewer choices and less accessibility. Trust me – this much more expensive health care WILL be rationed; to claim otherwise defies all economic and common sense.

We will not retreat on this.

Read all of her Facebook post here. And please.  Let’s give Obama an early retirement in November!

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  • Amen!

  • Joseppi

    I think a promotion with 4 more years is more likely. Not surprised that you would agree with Rush Limbaugh though. Married 4 times, and caught with a load Viagra on trip to a sex trade country with a group of other men. No not surprised at all… you really should rethink your role models though.

    • Emma Lora

      LOL!! Oh my Joseppi… you are one of those… SSS (society snarky soldiers)

    • Valentine

      I do appreciate your honesty with the word “promotion” regarding the possibility of Obama’s re-election. Clearly he is going to have more power than any previous president in our history if he gets re-elected, due to the recent success of his club’s latest governmental power-grab better known as Obamacare.

      And unlike your liberal cohorts, Rush does not advertise his faults as virtues.

      • Joseppi

        I wouldn’t call them “faults” more like crimes by America’s standards.

    • GrizzlyMom

      Joseppi – Bristol also gives Rush a pass when he denigrates women by calling them “sluts”. Interesting how she’s only offended when someone on the left makes a slur like that. Regardless I agree she should pick better role models than this bloated wind bag. Ah the hypocrisy.

      • otlset

        Some women who wantonly sleep around ‘risk-free’ on other people’s money are sluts. In fact these days more and more are as our culture continues to decline into amorality.

        • Patriot

          The college student he demeaned was not a slut. She was advocating for her friend who was dealing with a health issue. Tell me something otlset? Are all women who aren’t married but use birth control considered sluts? And how “wantonly” must one sleep around in order to earn the title? Is Bristol a slut? She used birth control and had sex outside of marriage? Rush Limbaugh cheated on at least 3 of his wives and used viagra as well as other recreational drugs. Is he a slut? Maybe the right should come up with a flow chart to help the rest of us out.

          • otlset

            Explain how birth control is a “health issue”. And Bristol made *one* mistake, which she acknowledged and has now resolved not to make again. She *learned* from her mistake.

    • joseppi,
      Boy do you have an imaginary mind. Have you ever considered reality for a change?????

  • Jason

    @Joseppi: Who are you to judge Rush’s past? You have no skeletons in your closet?

    I think Rush is right. How is Obama going to lie his way out of this. He said it wasn’t going to be a tax, and that people making less than $250,000 would not see one dime of a tax increase. Now Obamacare turns out to be the largest tax increase in history, and it’s going to have a big effect on those Obama said it wouldn’t effect in such a way.

    Just because Bristol (as well as myself) agree with what Rush Limbaugh said here doesn’t mean we condone his past transgressions. What he did was stupid. I agree with that assessment. But just because someone makes those kinds of mistakes doesn’t mean they’re “stupid.” Rush has some good thoughts, and I think he’s dead-on with this assessment.

    • GrizzlyMom

      How did Obama like Jason? Married couples making less than 250,000 will not see a tax increase. Single filers making less than 200,000 will not see a tax increase. Prove your points and provide some backup on how their taxes are increasing and how Obama lied.

      • LMA

        GrizzlyMom! How dare you insult these folks with your elitist facts and figures! 😉

        • GrizzlyMom

          🙂 I know LMA!!! I’ve got some nerve using facts here!

          • otlset

            Those are not “facts”. Those are Obama’s lies. He time and time again cajoled interviewers in order to get the mess passed that the non-compliance penalty was “NOT a tax” back in ’09. Now the Supreme Court decision ruled otherwise — interpreting that the Constitution’s commerce clause can not force an individual to participate in commerce (buy insurance) — thus a penalty levied against one who dares resist Big Government’s dictates to buy insurance can be nothing else than a tax. It’s a screwy and contradictory ruling to be sure, but makes a liar out of Obama. But sober people already knew that long ago.

        • tdotb

          Too bad neither one of you knows a fact from your rear end…

          • LMA

            Yeah. OK.

          • GrizzlyMom

            Well tdotb refute my facts then. Show me where in the health care bill it says that couples with incomes less than 250K will have their tax bill increased.

          • otlset

            I earn way under that yearly figure, and if I don’t buy health insurance, I’ll get “taxed”. Obama lies through his teeth.

      • GrizzyMom,
        Can you prove your point that they won’t be taxed???

        • Patriot
          • otlset

            What about my simple example above? It’s a gigantic tax, on everybody (everybody that pays taxes that is!). And not only the tax for “non-compliance” (big damn government sez “Ve have vays of *making* you comply, so you better fall in line!”) but there are at least five other separate taxes in that big stupid albatross of a bill, that nobody even knew what was in it before it was passed! Just obscenely ridiculous the way Democrats lie and try to pull things over on the public by deceit, as exemplified by ObamaTax..

  • robhart

    We can only hope that God has mercy on our souls.

    • LMA

      According to publicly released court documents between Bristol and Levi, cute little blue-eyed, blonde-haired Tripp Palin is “an enrolled member of Curyung Tribal Council” and receives medical care that is covered by “Indian Health Service and the Alaska Native Medical Center.” Tripp is the beneficiary of government services that Bristol apparently feels that others are not entitled to.

      • tdotb

        My daughter is a member of the Cherokee Nation and also COULD go to the Indian Hospital if I wanted to take her there. Just because I COULD do something doesn’t mean I DO it. I don’t use the “free” Indian Health services for 2 main reasons: 1. I don’t expect others to pay for anything I get/use 2. It’s a government run program that STINKS!!

        • LMA

          So you have an employee-provided program that your daughter can use, or you have enough money to pay cash anytime you need to go to the doctor? You have a choice, which is a luxury many folks don’t have.

          • tdotb

            Yes, I have a choice…that will probably go away because of new taxes. And since some people don’t have a choice I have to pay for them? How does that make any sense?

        • LMA

          And if you pay taxes, then you’re paying for a lot of stuff that others use: street lamps, roads, sidewalks, traffic lights…

          • Patriot

            Exactly LMA.

          • otlset

            But a free ride for the nearly half of the population that doesn’t pay taxes. Gimme gimme gimme big gubmint bro!

      • LMA

        tdotb, that choice will NOT go away. In fact, unless you’re wealthy, I’ll bet you’d qualify for a subsidy under this program.

      • LMA,

        If you could prove you are a native indian of Alaska you could get the same benefit! Tripp is
        third generation of his Grandpa Todd. Everything is legit so don’t make anything out of that.

        • LMA

          Although my great-grandmother is Native American, I don’t need that kind of benefit, eMilliei, because I have a job that offers good health insurance. My point is that,whether or not Tripp “deserves” access to federal health insurance by virtue of his native heritage, if he’s using it and yet his mom and grandmother are denouncing it, then that’s completely bogus.

          • Sue

            Is it or is it not part of the settlement/contract with the native tribes? And the whole point is, no one is forcing them to have it or be taxed. There is choice involved there.

      • otlset

        Has Tripp actually used any of those Curyung benefits?

        • LMA

          If you read the publicly released petition initiated by Bristol, her lawyer counters Levi’s request to deduct $300 from his monthly support obligation. Bristol’s people write that he can’t ask for that deduction, because Tripp’s medical care is covered by IHS, so it’s not an expense that Levi incurs. Again, this is what Bristol’s side is saying. If this is true, then my answer to that question would be yes.

    • John Jay

      Huh? Care to elaborate, teabagger?

    • Patriot

      God is probably very happy that we are not letting greedy insurance companies turn down 50+ year olds who lost their jobs and are now un-insurable — just when they need health insurance the most. God is probably pretty happy that children cant be turned down for pre existing conditions. God is probably pretty happy that men and women are treated equally and charged the same. See God loves EVERYONE and HE doesn’t love money and greediness. IN fact he’s pretty clear about those things.

  • Emma Lora

    I have yet to hear or see a freind or acquantence who likes this ruling. A sleeping giant has awakened.

    • GrizzlyMom

      You must have a lot of uninformed friends and acquaintances then emma. And big yawn on your sleeping giant comment….nothing but scare tactics from the right.

      • GrizzyMom,

        The sleeping giant is beginning to roar and you haven’t seen anything yet. Before it is over
        Obama will come back and blame Roberts for helping it pass. He is good at that.

        • Patriot


  • Steve

    Smoke and mirrors is all it was. POTUS is a fake, a liar and a fraud. “This is not a tax” is what came out of his mouth. Guess what all you stupid people, IT’S A TAX! The court just said so! I’ll be damned if I have to pay more taxes so you can have your “free” obamacare. It’s bad enough I have to pay out the a** for insurance as a government employee myself!

    • LMA

      Tell it to Bristol. Her son receives federally funded healthcare.

      • tdotb

        There you go again with lie. Do you know for a FACT that she takes him to the Indian Health services or do you ASSUME it because it fits your narrative?

        • LMA

          Do YOU know it’s a lie? Do YOU know for a fact he doesn’t go to IHS? I would suspect that, at this time, Bristol has enough money to take him to a doctor of her choosing, but she has the option of utilizing IHS if her funds ever run low. I hope that for the sake of being fair, she wouldn’t EVER take him there while lamenting the passage of Obamacare.

          • otlset

            When you make an accusation, the burden of proof is on you LMA.

          • LMA

            Yeah, that’s how it seems to work around here, otlset. If I make a statement, the onus is on me to prove it. When you all make a statement, the onus is on me to prove that it’s false. Go figure.

  • Frances Main

    Rush may be a pain in the tush, but he is typically right on alot of these issues. I believe this is such a huge step backward for our country. Too many people thinking this is going to be another free handout from the government and not realizing its always the people who have to pay for it. *sigh*

    Bristol-I love that we have good solid conservative young people that one day will hopefully put our country on track. I appreciate that about you.

  • Terri

    I have been watching your show “Life is a Tripp” and I love it. Even though, I am a hardcore Democrat and that will probably never change. I believe people can get along with different views on such things as politics. I am not a Palinhater. In fact, I am very impressed and surprised how mature you are in your parenting skills and how you have grown into adulthood under very strenuous circumstances. I love your show! I can’t say that enough. I have told my best friend and aunt about your show and to watch it. You may be younger than me and your political views will never quite be the same as mine. However, I do agree with a great deal of where Obamacare has gone wrong. It is disgusting and yes, I voted for him. I have no idea of who to vote for this year. It will be with great care and prayer for who will win my vote. This time around I am actually considering going Republican. I still have a huge amount of research and have to see how the next few months play out and how much dirt is thrown before making a decision.

    By the way, I thought it was great how you shot up “The One Who Shall Not Be Mentioned’s” tell all. You go girl! I am proud of you for doing that and for the amount of matureness you have shown.

  • Gary Ernsthausen

    July will be a very long month waiting for the Palin family news and exciting shows to keep Americans fired up,, August will be very exciting! The Libs keep adding to the fire,, what will be next. If Mitt don’t get his frog off his vocal cords he may not give a speech in Tampa. September will be very exciting when BO goes back to Kenya for good. October will be all Sarah’s

  • GrizzlyMom

    I’ve been waiting with bated breath for Bristol to offer up her sage opinion on this subject. And spoken like a true EMPOWERED christian that she is…she is of course against poor people having access to health care. Doesn’t surprise me one bit.

    • Emma Lora

      Awee Grizzley you love it here don’t you? You feel superior here? You may be Grizzled in your outlook in life but wanting to prowl here to look stong just isn’t working. I still have hope for you. Deep down inside I think your are a kind hearted, gentle soul if you are a mom. Most moms I know are that way, so come out of the mom-closet and tell us you are really that way. I really think you can approach you perspective with that kind of grace, can’t you?

      • GrizzlyMom

        Whats with the arm chair psychology emma? I thought conservatives didn’t believe in such things….you know personally responsibility and never admitting to any faults…classic reagan crap.

    • otlset

      Poor people have Medicaid, and the law prevents witholding healthcare from those seeking it at emergency rooms. This is about the country’s continuing incremental slide into socialism (big government control taking from one group to satisfy another group according to its own standards of need and who the money can be confiscated from), in this case in the healthcare arena. Socializing healthcare in this way will result in many doctors leaving the field in disgust, rationing of services as it strains to cover all, and a wholesale decline in healthcare quality across the board. And for what? To satisfy the bloated ego of the Liar in the White House.

      • Patriot

        Seriously otlset? I’m embarrassed for you right now. Obama did all this to “satisfy his bloated ego”. Thats pathetic. And as far as uninsured using the “emergency room” for healthcare..they can’t get preventative care there. If they have insurance and lets say they have a history of heart disease in their family…now they can get a prescription for a statin…as well as other preventative measure..and someday YOU and I won’t have to PAY for this person’s $150,000 bypass surgery. Now take that number and multiply it by a few million.

        Or if GREED rules your mind as it does most republicans think of it this way…right now the uninsured pays NOTHING for care at the emergency a couple of years they will have to pay at least $695. Feel better?

        • otlset

          Under ObamaTax, I surely would have to pay for such preventative care with the taxes levied against me, and more! We’re talking about 20-30 million more people and all their ailments, preventative and after the fact, to raise funds for! Tax tax tax! Kill business kill business kill business! It’s a business and a job killer, and a disaster in the making, this socializing of our healthcare system which WILL result in much less quality of care, not to mention rationing and looooong waits just get to see a doctor. No thanks socialists.

          • LMA

            Funny how you’re so sure that it will result in lower-quality healthcare, but England, for example, which has a national healthcare system, ranks higher than the U.S. in healthcare quality, efficiency, access to care, and preventative care. In fact, Canada ranks higher, too. Germany ranks higher. Australia ranks higher. All have national healthcare. Maybe if Republicans would join the effort to improve access to healthcare in this country, rather than be a bunch of obstructionists, then we’d have a system of healthcare that everyone could get behind. Well, if Mitt wins the White House, then he’ll flip flop so fast that right wingers will feel like they’ve all been donkey punched when Obamneycare becomes the law of the land.

            And it’s such a shame that so many folks are actually ANGRY about the effort to provide access to healthcare to those who go without! G-d must be so proud of our exceptional country…

          • otlset

            30 million plus added to the healthcare system, many disgusted physicians fleeing the country, retiring or getting into another field because of ObamaTax — you do the math.

          • LMA

            “Disgusted physicians fleeing the country,” otlset? LOL! Did some cranky conservative blogger tell you that?

          • otlset

            I work in the medical field and have worked with and spoken to many physicians over the years. Almost uniformly they *hate* the incremental intrusion of government in their practices and how they can and can’t treat their own patients. Yes, I would say a number of physicians would ‘flee’ the country to escape what they see as ever-increasing government control and restrictions on how they practice medicine here — now exemplified with Obama’s big government “Affordable Healthcare” Act.

            The point however is the inevitability of the decline in healthcare quality, and ironically accessibility to it because of the shortages of doctors combined with the increase in those insured under Obamacare. Not to mention the increase in taxes on the middle class (or call it a ‘penalty’, a stinking punitive measure levied against those as punishment who do nothing), and how businesses and thus jobs will suffer.

  • Bristol your mom would be wrong that this is the largest tax increase in history. Even in America’s history it’s wrong. Under the articles of Confedration America raised taxes by 700%. During the Great Depression many Americans paid as high as 90% of their income. I think that we need to stop blasting Obama as a job killer, and see him as the moderate Democrat that he is.

    Next point I would make is that your mom is wrong to suggest that Obamacare is a “free” government handout of healthcare. Under the plan those who don’t have health insurance, but can afford it either buy a plan or pay a fine. Those too poor to afford a health insurance plan are then given government assistance to get covered by a private insurance company. Everyone makes their own choice as to whom to purchase insurance from.

    • Lissa

      And when employers figure out that it’s cheaper to pay the fine than provide healthcare insurance to their employees, what do you think they are going to do? Pay the higher costs?? And private insurance companies will be forced to provide coverage in accordance with Obamacare so those costs will increase. And then doctors and hospitals will be forced to accept the lower pay outs from Obamacare … many will just close their doors and find a different line of work.

      And those who are “too poor to afford health insurance” who will get government assistance? That assistance is paid for by US … those who have jobs and pay taxes. The government does not have any money. It can only take it from the people and hand it out to those who do not work.

      The only people who are in favor of Obamacare are those who either will not have to pay for it, or do not yet realize how much it is going to cost.

    • MacDuff

      You need to stay away from the koolaid. You don’t even know the definition of moderate, because Obama is the most liberal president in recent history and maybe ever. Then to think that America will be able to choose their own private health insurance is foolish. Obamacare will basically shutdown the health insurance companies leaving America with no choice but to have a government bureaucrats decide what care we get. Just so you can understand this… if the federal government was to subsidize the dairy farmers in Wisconsin but no other dairy farmers then the only ones left would be in Wisconsin because no one else could compete. Wisconsin would be able to sell their product cheaper then everyone else because the Government is offsetting their cost. The same will be true of the insurance companies…They won’t be able compete against the government.

      I believe that liberalism and progressivism is a mental disorder. Something must happen to your brain that makes it stop having the ability to apply logic and reason.

    • Shawn

      LMAO…STOP IT!!!! STOP IT NOW.. moderate Democrat. No…he’s a socialists through and through. How blind must you be not to see this!?? GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND AND WAKE UP!!

    • Patriot

      Thank you Zach for this fact-filled common sense post. I wish those who read it would let it seep into their brains and enlighten them but I highly doubt it.

      • otlset

        It’s just BS and you buy it. Zach just throws out unsubstantiated notions and you instantly swallow it, because you know, it’s all about bashing and belittling the Palins here for you. A party-line kinda guy, follow the (liberal) leader.

  • Godfrey
  • LMA: if someone is enrolled in a program doesn’t mean that they are a participant . Just because there’s a mouse in the cookie jar doesn’t make it a cookie. A bench warmer is still a member of the team but they may never play one inning. Perhaps when Tripp is with his dad, he has to go to the enrolled program as he may not have a job. LMA, if you had a job, perhaps you wouldn’t have all this time to spread your venom.
    All the small business owners I personally know are very concerned about the future of their companies due to Obamacare and the “taxes” surrounding it. The only good news yesterday was Gov Romneys’ campaign taking in 4.6 million dollars.

    • LMA

      I have a job, a–hole. If my posting here means I’m unemployed in your mind, then, since you’re here to respond…welcome to the dole, slacker! And why does asking questions that don’t fall in line with your narrowmindedness equate to “spreading venom”? If Tripp uses the program, whether with his father or not, then why is it good enough for him but not everyone else?

    • If there’s a mouse in the cookie jar it means the top hasn’t been properly put in place. Cookie jars have tops for a reason (not just mice – also ants, cockroaches, etc.)

      • LMA

        Oreos come in resealable packages now. Maybe Eileen Steller should buy those.

        • Patriot

          I love that idea LMA. And i LOVE Oreos! 🙂

          • LMA

            Me, too!

  • terry

    Bristol; just another uneducated trash talking Palin.

  • Shawn
  • GrizzlyMom

    Bristol starts this post off with “As everyone is trying to figure out what the Supreme Court ruling means”. What it means is the highest authority in the land deemed it CONSTITUTIONAL! Something your mother and everyone else on Fox has been claiming its not for months. When will we hear their apologies?

    • GrizzlyMom,
      Yes Roberts deemed it Constitutional after he legislated and changed it to a tax rather than a demand.
      He is only to decide if the mandate was constitutional not legislate from the bench and change it to
      where it would be constitutional. This one is going to come back and bite Obama and Roberts and

    • Shawn

      Liberal troll is back.

    • otlset

      The court (actually John Roberts weaseling — to prevent leftist tantrums and riots, mayhem and stuff ‘progressives’ like to do when they don’t get their way) explained the ONLY way it could be constitutional is by recognizing it as a tax. To me he made a mistake, an incorrect decision if truly based on the commerce clause of the Constitution. But it is what it is, and so it is a tax. Exactly like the liar in the White House exclaimed vehemently it WASN’T.

  • I disagree with you and your mother on this, Bristol.

  • Eileen

    I disagree with you Bristol. Obamacare is good for America. People will no longer be turned away because of a pre-existing condition and neither will their children. Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. I know that’s something we disagree on but I really do think everyone is entitled to healthcare. In fact I don’t think this bill does enough. I support complete government-run universal healthcare, which is NOT Obamacare. But this is a step in the right direction.
    As someone said earlier in the comments, Obama is not a socialist. He is left-of-center. If you actually look up the definition of socialized medicine and then actually read what’s in the bill, you will see they are not the same thing. Everyone has the right to affordable healthcare regardless of their social standing.

    • Eileen,
      Have you actually read the bill???

      • Eileen

        I’ve parts of it and many summaries on it, and I wrote a paper on it comparing it to socialized medicine my sophomore year.

        • Shawn

          So in reality you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about….you’re just spouting leftist talking points. Since you believe in socialized medicine, you clearly are leftist. Leftists think they have rights to everything. Esp if they think it’s free.

          • LMA

            Oh, my gosh, your brilliant response, Shawn…all other comments pale in comparison.

          • truga

            To those people who think that physicians will allow the federal government to control medical care services, you are very mistaken. We will not be told how to practice medicine and the federal gov’t can provide the needed tort insurance for denied medical care that becomes medical malpractice. From what I hear, Medicare/private insurance will be paying private care physicians $66 for an office visit and Medicaid will paid $11/visit. Well, we won’t work for those wages as it won’t even pay the office overhead expenses. I would be better off doing landscape services, get paid cash, and put the money in my pocket.
            The doctors supporting Obamacare are young, academic, salaried physicians at teaching medical institutions. Obama avoids the private care doctor associations.
            When is Obama going to do a national legal program. I’m sure that the lawyers will be thrilled by it.

          • Eileen

            Shawn you try to insult me by calling me a socialist, but I am very proud to be a socialist. Obama, however, is NOT a socialist, and anyone who has taken government 101 knows that. America is extremely far right compared to the rest of the world, and that’s why many people here see him as this radical liberal, when in reality he’s just left-of-center. It’s the republicans that are mindlessly spouting talking points on Fox news, spreading lies and scaring people, not me.

      • Eileen
        • section9

          Now Eileen, what happens when the tax receipts go down and the checks stop coming in. Understand that this was a large taxing program disguised as a health bill. Businesses won’t be fooled; they’ll simply relocate (as many of them are).
          Democrats could never explain why businesses are fleeing the One Party Regimes of California and Illinois for the Republican States, nor why a Democratic Governor in New York is having to apply conservative solutions to his budget problems to keep the big exchanges in Wall Street. People like you never understood why the Socialist Regimes failed: Central Planning and Bureucracy NEVER works in the long run; it always fails.
          You can put lipstick on a pig all you want, Eileen, but all Obama did was give us GOSPLAN Health Care; and lie to us about the cost, all to serve the vast numbers of constituency groups in his party. It was a tax increase sold as a health care program, and the President lied about the cost.
          Congratulations Democrats; this is your version of the Iraq War. Now you get to eat it.

          • Patriot

            Why don’t we get rid of government all together section9 and just let Corporations make all our decisions for us. They have our best interests at heart right? I’m sure they won’t pollute our water supply and put dangerous addictive substances into our food to boost profits. They won’t cook the books to inflate their profit margins and rip us off. And of course they won’t lay all of us off and send our jobs over seas because they care about us..they really do.

    • otlset

      It’s NOT good for America. It’s a job-killer, and will result in much worse quality of care while raising taxes. That is if you don’t die waiting for your rationed appointment months away.

    • Sue

      No one is entitled to anything except life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The government that gives can also take away, and they will when it all becomes to expensive to maintian.

    • otlset

      Where in the Constitution is healthcare mentioned as a “right”? The founding fathers who envisioned a LIMITED government are likely rolling in their graves over this attempt to socialize healthcare and put it under the government’s control.

  • louiseharas

    Congratulations to Bristol on having her TV reality show moved to a later time. She is really going to kick Jon Stewart’s butt in the ratings. Oh wait a minute, I don’t think that Bristol made it to top 100 cable show. She is sure to pick up more followers later in the evening when they don’t have anything else to do. Way to go, Bristol!

  • Shawn

    All the liberal trolls have shown up!

  • Ava

    Bristol, this reality show of yours is going to do more harm to your boy than anything else. no one’s really watching it anyway so the timing might be perfect for you to pull out and start really being a grounded and dedicated mum. Right now, on your show, you are not displaying any such behaviour. It’s quite painful to watch actually and I feel embarrassed for Tripp.

  • Gary Ernsthausen

    Read this article! We need a clip of Sarah in a combine with a diet Dr.Pepper to witness why America is known as the Bread Basket. Many are not sure that Mitt is the man needed in the White House but a majority know that BO must go.

    • LMA

      That was an interesting article you posted, Gary, although I don’t know how you figured by reading it that “a majority know that BO must go.”

      • otlset

        It’s common knowledge to sensible and decent people.

        • LMA

          Fourth-grade dig, otlset. You disappoint me.

          • otlset

            Second-grade comeback Patriot. You didn’t disappoint.

          • LMA

            Keep us straight, otlset. Patriot and I are two different people. And you, sir or madam, are showing the strain of taking us both on! I haven’t insulted you. Please, get a hold of yourself, stay on topic, and stop resorting to little digs and insults.

          • otlset

            Yeah you two are kinda interchangeable, my mistake. But it’s no strain really, I only have limited time usually when I visit this site, so I gotta post fast and move on. I have a lot of other demands on my time running my small business and trying to weather as best I can the lack of demand in this awful economy.

  • joe

    Neither Sarah nor Bristol Palin write anything for themselves.

    • otlset

      But count on joe to write rubbish like this.

    • Patriot

      amen Joe!

    • Sue

      And of course you just know this how? Read the Governor’s emails, moron.

  • K

    As usual, Bristol you and your mom are trying so hard to educate and fire up the voters! I hope they listen and learn for a change. Your mom was the only one who immediately said Obamacare was a tax when it first got passed! She was the one who knew we would get taxed and death-panelled and care-rationed!!!
    I’m pretty teed off that not one single other Republican told us this was a tax until yesterday (yes, I’m looking even at you Rush)!!!!! Fox and right wing radio didn’t say anything about Obamacare being a tax until now!?! Why!?! Why didn’t they warn us about this before yesterday like your mom has been doing?!?
    One other thing, maybe you and Sarah can educate these idiots that want to let people with Down Syndrome and other pre-existing conditions be allowed health care like everyone else about how terrible that is going to be for small business owners and taxpayers!!! I think that because of Trig maybe people will listen to you when you tell them that even though you love Trig more than anything, you know that we just can’t afford to let people like him not have to pay a lot more for health care! It’s just common sense that some people have a higher risk for poor health and as sad as the truth is, taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for everyone…..even if in our heart we may wish we could.

    • k,

      I can’t believe anyone would say what you just said about Trig! Trig is deserving of healthcare
      just like you are anyone else. I don’t know what has happen to America when we become so
      self-centered that we don’t want others to have the same opportunities as we do. Who is to say
      that Trig will cost more than you are anyone else. Any of us in time could cost way more than
      Trig. That is just not something you can second guess.
      If you want to blame anyone for high cost of healthcare why don’t you blame the government and
      the insurance company for it. You haven’t seen anything yet if they don’t get this Obamacare
      appealed. The cost of insurance is going to skyrocket. And you may have someone in your family
      and even you that will suffer the death panels. And this healthcare doesn’t just stop there. We
      are gradually have our rights being taken away and even though you may not be effected just yet
      it is coming.

  • Gary Ernsthausen

    I hope that Bristol will take Tripp to Kansas so he can see how easy it is to feed 1000 cattle from a tractor seat. These Peterson boys made it to Fox News in NYC so Bristol has something in common! Read this article!

  • truga

    What happened to my comment? Was it censored and deleted? If so, why? My statements were very appropriate.

  • truga

    OK, I found it under the “Older Comments.” Sorry…..

  • Katie

    Get off your a%# and get a job or go to school and educate yourself so the rest of us don’t have to suffer for your poor choices!!!!!!!!

  • DiaaK

    As Dr. Joel Fuhrman (‘Eat to Live’) pointed out:
    ‘ What we got is medical insurance. What we need is HEALTH insurance’.

  • KCF

    Good grief. If I had any lingering doubts that this “blog” was nothing more than another PR vehicle for Sarah Palin and her extremist RW propaganda, this post erased those doubts.

    I don’t believe for one second that this blog is written by Bristol. I doubt that it’s written by Sarah personally, but I do believe she is instructing someone to compose these articles. Oh maybe a few were posted to promote “Life’s A Tripp”, but this has turned into nothing more than (yet another) far RW conservative political blog.

    I’m not knocking conservative blogs, they have their place. But don’t try to fool people with a political agenda blog disguised as a “single mom struggling to take care of toddler” blog. If you can’t be honest with your readers, then I have no respect for your opinions.

    I’ll get my dose of political opinions from people who have actually educated themselves in the political process. My unsolicited advice: Stick to the stories about your family and child. Those were worth reading, and at least appeared to be honest.

    • Emma Lora

      Keep it up Bristol, Those who are critical are still here… day after day. Whether they know it or not, you and your mother are influencing them. They are fighting it like crazy, pretending to be strong and dedicated to a viewpoint they can’t articulate so they resort to their old habit of being whiny…. but they can’t resist the Palin influence.

  • huntingmoose

    Since yesterday I had an insane headache
    Your mothers comments which I call SarahCare finally gave me relieve and beat any aspirin out there.

    thank G-d for giving us your mother.

  • Tim

    Very disturbing; Full List of Obamacare Tax Hikes.
    Obamacare law contains 20 new or higher taxes on American families and small businesses

    Obamacare to unleash crushing new taxes, trillions in debt, huge job losses, and it doesn’t even cover natural medicine

    During the debates over ObamaCare, the President and Democrats strained themselves to argue that the individual mandate wasn’t a tax. Obama himself had campaigned on a promise to never raise taxes on any families earning less than $250,000 a year. The Court called the mandate for what it is…a tax. In doing so, it acknowledged that Obama has lied to the American people.

    • Patriot

      Tim did you even read the content of the first link? The title says there are 20 new or higher taxes…this is not true. #14 for example is a cap on flexible spending accounts that they are calling the special needs kids tax. Thats ridiculous. How is this a tax? Its not. You did see that many of the other taxes clearly state that they are applied to couples who make more than 250K or single filers above 200K. This is exactly what the President said. So how did he lie again?

      • This may not be a “tax” in the traditional definition of the word, but it appears to limit and divert funds away from special needs families that were once available. In essence, this segment is being “taxed” to put money elsewhere. I guess you could call it budgeting or… RATIONING. Interestingly enough, these very families are the types of people Barry claims to want to help and protect. Therefore, he is a liar.

  • Georgia

    We have the power! Send donations to Romney, whenever possible and vote “all” democrats out-of-office! We must take back the White House, the House, in a major way, and the Senate. If we stick together and do so we will win! We must unite as never before. Go Sarah and Bristol!

  • bellagrazi

    I love your mom’s positive attitude, Bristol! Amen, Sarah Palin!

  • Mariah

    Hey Bristol, I am apart of the tea party!! Go to or invite others(or both) to!!! Create an account, and go to the forum!! Then click tea party. After that you will see my blog. It is called “Let’s Start A Movement” by Mariah Boland(that’s me!!!)!!! Then read, tell, and share(with friends, on facebook, on twitter). Invite your mom too!!! We need to get America back!!!! Let’s start a movement!!!!

  • Bristol, As you know, I support your Mom completely and deeply wish she was going to be our next President. While I agree with her political commentary 95% of the time, on this case I just have to say, “step away from the GOP’s Flavor Aid.” [Historical reference contrary to popular culture: It was Flavor Aid in Jonestown not Kool Aid.]

    No, Justice Roberts did NOT do us a favor. Expecting Republicans to rise to the occasion to beat Barry in November and then, repealing this awful law is… naive at best. Despite your Mom saving McCain’s butt and putting fire, passion, and patriotism into his lame 2008 campaign, Americans STILL let Barry become (what he’s proven to be) The Worst President Since Warren G. Harding. Further, despite your Mom’s outstanding efforts in 2010 to make the largest seat change in Congress in what? 40 years? The House has betrayed the TEA Party and your Mother, led by the very weak Boehner. And now… the BEST they can offer up is another RINO? Romney? Puh-leeze. The man does NOT have my vote.

    It’s time for Sarah Palin to capture the imagination of the delegates, seize control of the RNC Convention, oust Romney, re-energize the base, and win this for the sake of conservatism… restoring this Great Nation. Otherwise, give birth to a NEW party and destroy the Republicans once and for all. I, for one, in the spirit of Breitbart, are sick and tired of those eunuchs.

    As for Justice Roberts, he’s a coward. He did not do what he was appointed to do… UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION.

    In closing, as optimistic as I would LIKE to be, I fear for my country. The Republican Party Elite has used, abused, and betrayed Conservatives and Christians for decades. They call themselves the GOP… the Grand Old Party…. well, the operative word here is OLD. In my book, they’re done. They’ve blown it. They did not defend and support your Mother when she was attacked by the LSM and Hollywood. Nor did they recognize or appreciate her massive influence. They’re still trying to marginalize her and say she is irrelevant. Hogwash.

    SARAH PALIN FOR PRESIDENT. Accept no substitutes.

    • I agree all the way.

    • John Jay

      “[Historical reference contrary to popular culture: It was Flavor Aid in Jonestown not Kool Aid.]”
      Thank you for that oh, so valuable insight. Your credibility just skyrocketed with everyone here. Such mastery of minutiae.

  • section9

    Thank YOU Bristol!!! You are so wise beyond your years!!! We have to get that KENYAN, MUSLIM, ATHEIST, EVIL OBUMMER OUT OF OFFICE IN NOVEMBER. Obummer care is evil and I will move to Canada if he is reelected! Tell me how we can have a President who wasn’t born in this country. How, how, how can that be? Sarah tried to warn us. He pals around with terrorists and now we will have DEATH PANELS! I am so sad she didn’t run for President! She would have been the next Reagan. She would have been BETTER than Reagan. Everyone, please pray daily to our LORD that the devil obummer will be gone in November!


  • David Dempsey

    Justice Roberts probably has a New Rather Large Off-Shore Account thanks to George Soros and other Wealthy Obama Supporters. — Justice Roberts did say one thing that was true — When the American People send people to Washington and they Pass Laws that We-Do-Not-Like, the American People should Vote-Them-Out-Of-Office. — Voting has Consequences. — The Democratic Majority in the Senate – and – Obama Must Go in Nov. 2012.

  • Bristol,

    I love your show, you are such a good mom and Tripp is so smart. I wish people could just put politics aside and see what a nice clean, family based, show this is (except for a couple of jerks who think it is cool to put down a single mom and her family and then sue them for it) I will be watching every time it comes on and I hope it will be a success. In my opinion I think most people are jealous of your wonderful family and how you all support and love each other. Good Luck.

  • Paulette

    Thanks Bristol and Sarah for speaking the truth! We must get Obama & all of his socialistic cronies OUT OF OFFICE!!! If not, America is doomed except by the grace of God!

    • Joseph

      That’s right, Paulette!

  • Joseph

    Loving your blogs, Bristol! You and your mom rock! Rush Limbaugh is right, ’cause I sure as heck am getting my butt out there to vote this November; We will NOT be silent!!! 🙂

  • Totally agree as well. If this doesn’t reverberate as a clarion call for voters and for conservatives in this upcoming and future elections, then I don’t know what will. EVERYONE should be involved in a “GET OUT THE VOTE” program in your neighborhood, city, and state. EVERYONE should educate themselves, and the people that they come into contact with, about the issues. And EVERYONE should make sure that they VOTE in November.

    Knowledge is power, but the lack of knowledge – especially when it’s a willing, conscious lack – borders on the criminal, given what’s at stake in this country RIGHT NOW.

  • Carol

    What Affordable Care Act means is the underpriviledged 32 million Americans without health insurance will have a fair market opportunity to have it, whether they can afford it or not, the market place will be forced to provide it. Is that not good American-Christian policy? What would Jesus do with the unisured? With the pre-existing conditions, will all the unwanted newborns no one gives a shit about because they were born in places you don’t even want to think about.
    And don’t worry about the insurance companies, this mandate means a shit load more business for them.
    It’s not all about you Bristol, and your little life in Wasilla with a baby on your hip. It’s about an entire country that looks foolish to the rest of the world because it can not , will not take care of it’s own.
    Bristol, what have you done lately to help the poor and indigent, besides clean out your closet and donate clothes to Goodwill?
    What are your well-thought-out suggestions to the health care crisis in this country besides pointing your finger and laying blame on those who are trying to do something good.
    What would Jesus think of you and your mother’s verbal, cynic attacks?
    Here’s a sermon you should read:
    And stop calling yourself a Christian. You are a Mestian…..all about me.

    • otlset

      Another low-information (but oh so *caring* with other people’s money) Obama drone makes a pitch for socialized medicine — and the resulting flight of experienced physicians, long waits just for an appointment, longer waits for surgical procedures, and overall rationing (including various forms of cost-cutting ‘death panels’) that WILL OCCUR if those 32 million “Americans” (most of which aren’t) are added on and this monstrosity of a jobs and business-killing socialization of American healthcare bill is finally yoked onto the backs of the American people.

  • Carol,

    And God didn’t give you out a pass to judge Bristol. “Judge ye that ye be not judged.” Remember
    that one????

  • notafan

    talk about historicity Bristol uses a Government funded insurance for her kid… oh wait its different for the Palins…

  • Pat

    LOL like Bristol really wrote this.

  • Jay

    Bristol, Relax. You are a great Mom. You don’t need a father for Tripp and do Not rush to get one. You have a great support system. Take it from a wise not very old grampa. You will feel worse if you rush to find a father or just a husband who likes Tripp. You are in an unimaginable situation but from experience. Take time enjoy the good and the bad. The ups and downs. You are better off now then with a forced father situation. You may not feel or think it’s forced but,,, Please go slow you are a great Mom and have a great kid and he’s that way because of you!

  • Dennis McHale

    I had a hard time thinking about voting for Romney with the way his Campaign and the Republican Party in general has spoken about your mother. I know she would be the first to say that I should concern myself with the condition the country is in and not about her so much. She is right, but I still can’t help myself coming to your mom’s defense against the lies I read. I also happen to agree with her politically nearly all the time. Now with this ruling, I know I have no choice but to vote for Romney. This doesn’t help your mom’s political future if she decides to go that way.

    The best way to think of what Roberts did, was untie (not pop) the Mandate balloon attached to Obamacare, and reattach a Tax Balloon to Obamacare, when that is not what the American people asked him to do. We needed for him to step up and decide if the Mandate balloon needed to be popped or not and let the Obamacare legislation stand on its own and see if it would float. He didn’t. He saved Obamacare with a different balloon. However, your Mom is right. This is an opportunity Americans have been given to speak up for themselves and decide if this is the future we want.

    God Bless Bristol

  • Philip Alu

    Our problems are in the republican PARTY, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and other bureaucrats,the tapestry have been hanging on walls of ,freedom, D.C. and I don’t feel free.
    The Democrats socialist will be gone this election but, if we are left with the relics,RINO”S, nothing will change except where the PARTY will be held. It’s up to US to save the U.S.