A Controversy I Didn’t Expect: Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State

On a recent episode of “Life’s a Tripp,” I caused quite a controversy by wearing a Mississippi State sweat shirt.

Immediately, people started wondering about how I became a fan.  What’s the connection? Why did I like Mississippi State over Ole Miss?

Well, to be completely honest, there’s a simple explanation. People sometimes give us gifts to show their home state pride, their charity work, or even their businesses.  So on that day, I must’ve grabbed one of those “gift shirts.”

Remember when my mom said:

“What’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull?  Lipstick.”

Maybe someone at Mississippi State thought this analogy applied to bull dogs, too.

Either way, I didn’t mean to step into the – apparently – very competitive waters of the SEC.  Apparently people feel more strongly about this rivalry than Obama/Romney!

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  • coby

    you should be wearing OU,the best team in USA. and the obama romney matter its like OU vs. TU

  • Rebelfan

    Bristol Bring the family down to Ole Miss for a game this fall. There won’t be any left wing liberal crazies to worry about. Just good southern people cooking good southern food having good times with family and friends. Ole Miss has been voted the most beautiful campus numerous times. Their is no greater place to be than a saturday night in the grove! Please come visit!

  • kim

    I am not a State fan … but loved seeing you wear an SEC team. ROLL TIDE!