He’s Definitely a Riot

I feel like Riot is a “community dog,” since you guys helped me name him!  (Would that make him a “blog dog?”)

Anyway, I thought you’d like to see this photo. Have you ever seen a puppy look so guilty and sad?

This is why I love dogs.  Even when they are up to something, they still melt your heart!!


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  • Mariah

    Bristol, you little dog reminds me of my dog Snurt. (yea don’t laugh at that name.). She was the best dog ever!! My mom let us go across the feilds when we were little, because Snurt was always there. I aways felt safe. Then, one day she got real sick. On Christmas morning she died. We buried her in our back yard and put a cross there. I hope Riot is like a Snurt. You will have the best time with that dog!!!

  • Joseph

    He’s so adorable!!! Is that a little mud on his nose? So cute! :D

  • Linda

    Bristol, you are a beautiful young woman and a wonderful mom. Please don’t get involved with any man that is controlling. Who wants to tell you what to do and how and when to do it. Remember, if a relationship adds to your life, get to know him. If it takes away from your life, don’t bother with it. I love your new tv show! I am a grandmother and a supporter of your mom. She is a wonderful example to other women. Her love of country keeps me from not giving up to holding on to our rights as a free country.

  • Cathy Cottle

    What breeder did you get your Newfie from?