On Second Thought: Episode 10

Trust me, it’s crazy to see your life on television. That’s why every week, I’m going to do a blog posts called “On Second Thought.” These posts are where I will go over the episodes of my Lifetime show as I process the issues presented now that I’ve seen them aired.  I hope you’ll join me for these weekly posts – which will undoubtedly be part-confession, part-explanation, and part-celebration of my life right now!

Episode Ten, Air Date: July 17, 2012

There are many things you shouldn’t do together before you get married.  So even though I trust Gino, I wasn’t excited about his suggestion that we invest in property together.  Why?  Because getting entangled financially when you don’t have a commitment is a recipe for disaster.

Of course, everyone is talking about this episode for reasons other than my love life or property investments.  As I wrote yesterday, irresponsible reporters are writing that Tripp uttered a slur on the episode, which he didn’t.

Since I wrote my blog, Lifetime showrunner Matt Lutz came to my defense.  He has explained that Tripp did not say the F word used for a gay slur. He told some of the magazines making these false claims that he’s reviewed the raw video several times. In fact, he was actually in the room when it happened!

And he agrees: Tripp didn’t say that word.  Maybe that will put this ridiculous issue to rest.

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  • http://www.breakpoint.org Gina

    “Because getting entangled financially when you don’t have a commitment is a recipe for disaster.”

    AMEN. Stand your ground.

  • Joseppi

    I think the fact that he is around nothing but adolescents trying to raise him is the reason for his language. The “I hate you’s” and the cursing are commonplace among young people. I’m sure he hears those things daily from Willow, You, Gino and Andy.

    I suggest you learn from this, and ask everyone around him to tone it done, even when talking to each other, because he hears it. He’s going to look back on this someday so be sure the things you put out in the public about him are things he can be proud of. This publicity is not his choice, it’s yours so be kind to his reputation especially because he can’t choose for himself yet if he wants to live his life in the public eye.

    • Emma Lora

      A decent blog J.

      • Jacqueline Bruno

        Thanks girl!!

    • M P

      I doubt he hears such things from Bristol given her shock at his usage of the language. But nice assumptions and I’m glad you’re such a perfect human being. Please, start a blog showcasing your pretty perfect family that never does anything remotely wrong. At least Bristol et al have never professed to be perfect. Grow up.

    • Truth101

      You finally made some sense.

  • Jacqueline Bruno

    Bristol- My sister and I are huge fans of you and your show. You, Willow and your family are so ‘real’ and we admire that! Don’t feel like you need to justify or clear up anything! You are doing a great job and what parent (especially 1st time parent) doesn’t make mistakes – you are learning for the first time too! I am so happy you did this show & i hope it continues. Don’t let the negative comments override the good, positive ones. Your faith, strength and love for your life & family inspire me.

    • Emma Lora

      A very nice positive post J.B. Hearty agreement here.

      • Jacqueline Bruno

        ooops! meant to say thanks on this one! Thanks Emma!

    • M P

      Concur. There’s so much loveliness in each episode and one can plainly see Tripp is a happy little boy who’s never without love. He has a mother who knows what’s right and doesn’t chase fame or fanciful things. She actually works a normal job and lets her son just be 3 and play with other kiddos. This show shows her as normal and anti- pretty much every other reality show. Her show rivals the others because she doesn’t make it her whole life. She takes the opportunity and moves on.

      • Jellybean

        This must be sarcasm

  • Jacqueline Bruno

    & by the way- I have little cousins about Tripp’s age and once in awhile a bad word will slip out of their mouths simply because how do you keep a child from hearing curse words if you turn on any TV or have them out in public! It is impossbile unless they live in a bubble…Anyway- I have the same reaction you did because of the initial shock and honestly it is a little funny…People need to relaxxxxxx a little. If anyone is honestly going to give you a hard time for that they should think about what is really important in life- like all the lives lost in the Colorado shooting. Everyone should be spreading love these days in honor or those who lost their lives. Let’s fight James holmes hatred by ONLY spreading love and doing and saying nice things for people. God bless you!

  • Justine Stewart

    Hey Bristol, my son is 4 years old and says things sometimes that I rather him not. Like the “Miller 64″ beer commercial, yeah…he sings that song. Like I want my 4 year old singing about beer lol. And even these dumb commercials about proactive skin clearing system. My son points to his freckles and says “see mommy I have dark spots, I need the dark spot corrector”! Really?! All I’m saying is its really hard to shield children from everything we might not want them exposed to. I’m glad Lifetime is backing you up though!

  • Maleena

    Bristol, when you said, “I’m not your sugar mama.” I almost died! Hahaha Loved it!!!!
    So glad that Matt Lutz is coming to back you up!!

  • bellagrazi

    The whole thing was a non-controversy. Just liberals causing trouble. I do really appreciate the fact that Matt came forward in Tripp’s defense. It’s nice to know that Lifetime has your back. Now, as for investing in property together before marriage – I knew that you were extremely smart, Bristol, but even I was surprised at how level-headed you were in that discussion. As much as I love Gino, no woman should ever invest in property with her significant other without the benefit of marriage. Especially when they have a young child to consider. So, even though Gino was incredibly cute when he made the heart for you, I’m happy you kept your head about you. If he wants to invest in property with you, he’s going to have to make the ultimate commitment. By the way, I hope we get to see the inside of your new house this week on Life’s a Tripp! I’m dying to get a glimpse of it. PS: I loved when your mom called Willow “ding dong”! Hahaha She has got to be the funniest person on the planet!

  • http://FaceBook Cricket Nichols

    Love the show and will be watching tonight to see what happens next!!!

  • David

    HA! I bet it is a bit strange to have your live on TV and ya have probably had some ‘thoughts’ about it. I went to HS with your mom and aunt, Heather (would have graduated in 1983 but left for the outside in 1981). You would have NEVER guessed that your mom was going to be involved in ANY thing larger than what she had up until 4 years ago. It makes me chuckle….your mom’s cool.

    I do know that if anyone ever put the microscope to the extent that you have (albeit willingly), or your mother(out of necessity) I would run from that as fast as the wind….

    BTW, thanks for making me feel old by making a classmate a grand-parent! :^P

    Happy days,

  • Manny

    It doesn’t matter how perfect you and your family are, there are haters out there that will find something negative to say anyway. The haters put Christ on the cross and he was the only perfect person that ever lived.