On Second Thought: Episode 10

Trust me, it’s crazy to see your life on television. That’s why every week, I’m going to do a blog posts called “On Second Thought.” These posts are where I will go over the episodes of my Lifetime show as I process the issues presented now that I’ve seen them aired.  I hope you’ll join me for these weekly posts – which will undoubtedly be part-confession, part-explanation, and part-celebration of my life right now!

Episode Ten, Air Date: July 17, 2012

There are many things you shouldn’t do together before you get married.  So even though I trust Gino, I wasn’t excited about his suggestion that we invest in property together.  Why?  Because getting entangled financially when you don’t have a commitment is a recipe for disaster.

Of course, everyone is talking about this episode for reasons other than my love life or property investments.  As I wrote yesterday, irresponsible reporters are writing that Tripp uttered a slur on the episode, which he didn’t.

Since I wrote my blog, Lifetime showrunner Matt Lutz came to my defense.  He has explained that Tripp did not say the F word used for a gay slur. He told some of the magazines making these false claims that he’s reviewed the raw video several times. In fact, he was actually in the room when it happened!

And he agrees: Tripp didn’t say that word.  Maybe that will put this ridiculous issue to rest.

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  • Tazza

    Perhaps you should suggest the producers show a little more of the conflict between you and yours because i watched in shock and heartbreak as you made Tripp watch his “Daddy” Gino get out of the car on ur trip to the canyon. You looked imature petty and well just mean without more of what led up to such a cruel action. Also from one former single teen mom to another teen mom if you arent sure you want a commitment with someone control the amount of time tripp spends with your partners because unlike adults kids live love and accept they dont just walk out (or toss out in your case) because you hit turmoil…just a thought! God Bless.

  • Magic Eyes

    We all heard Bristol and Willow opening the video with one of them saying douchebag so we all know Tripp hears foul language from his mother. I am amazed at how anyone can defend her parenting skills. It’s not just the language that she laughed at. Did you not see how Tripp was obviously tired and unhappy? Time to take the story books out and help him get ready for sleep. What parent forces a child to sit and watch his mother and aunt perform for a tv crew? And then to blame it on the left and to say it was profanity and not a slur. Either way she should have been telling him immediately that that kind of language is not to be used in the house. And the folks that defend Bristol, all I can ask is, Really? You really think that’s ok?

  • daisy

    Last night when Tripp said “I don’t ned a better Daddy” it was heartbreaking..why would you tell you 3 yr old you will find him a better Daddy.. Love your son and stop being so vindictive towards his father!

    • Jellybean

      Is that true?!!! She really said that? That is beyond disgusting. Love of money means more to her than the future of her kid. And her crazy fans will defend it. Sickening.

  • Joseppi

    I am really heartsick for Tripp after watching that last episode.

  • Joseppi

    You just gave Levi’s lawyers the best evidence. I think you may come to regret doing this show.

  • Susan

    Come to regret doing the show? Isn’t the Republican motto “whatever makes you rich?” Of course Bristol would sell her son for money. She has no scruples, no ethics and no reflection.

    • GrizzlyMom

      You are correct Susan. Republican’s love of money trumps everything. Look how Dick Cheney’s daughter sold out just to stay in the family will. And then she has the nerve to run and marry her partner as soon as its legal in her state. Hey Mary – the liberal gays BUILT THAT!

    • Theresa Bosel

      Really. Do you really honestly believe that? As a woman I am ashamed of people like you Susan. You believe that no more than you believe the sky is falling. But then again maybe you do believe the sky is falling. You know what?- it happens. People curse, I have and infront of my daughter on occassion. She is a straight A student, VP of her class and a great kid. Clearly I am doing something right. Cut the girl some slack. She loves her son. Would love to see the glass house you rside in. We probably paid for it so go ahead throw stones. Makes you look ignorant! And makes me more determined to change the direction of this country. You uneducated liberals are killing it!

      • Susan

        Excuse me? We “uneducated liberals?” I’m sorry, but I thought it was conservatives who pretend that having an education is “elitist.” Anti-intellectualism is virulent in the conservative community and the blatant hypocrisy of your comment only drives that point home. Way to generalize. What have I been up to this week? Let’s see: working shifts at the hospital as I move towards completing my M.D., conducting research in labs to be collected for a paper some partners and I are presenting at a conference, and programming an event to raise funding for a programming combating domestic violence. That’s what I’ve been doing while Bristol tools around teaching her son anti-gay slurs, getting pedicures and having shallow conversations with other entitled, privileged rich kids in coffee shops. There is a *huge* difference between your kids picking up a bad word from you and your use of hate speech, or derogatory slurs regarding marginalized groups. Bravo, Theresa. Bravo with your comment. Why are you ashamed of me as a woman? People like Bristol are the ones moving women’s lib back to the stone age. Their only jobs in life are to look pretty and pop out babies. I mean, come on. Find a higher calling.

  • Zooey

    Bristol, I’m very disheartened at Levi and his family’s treatment of you. I know you’ve never gotten along with them, but they’re downright nasty. I can imagine what they say privately. Levi’s already proven he’s capable of mean words regarding your family that will hurt his son. But his sister and girlfriend are quite possibly worse. His sister’s spent the last couple years obsessing over you and tearing you down. Does she not have a life of her own? All you’ve done is comment on his lies in the media and try to move forward forgetting the past. You’ve never even mentioned her . Stay strong!

    • Joseppi

      Date rapist, dead-beat dad, liar, cheater… these are all things Bristol has publicly accused Levi of.
      Levi has called Bristol a liar and accused her of keeping his son from him. Those things Levi will soon prove in court.

      Sorry but what you said is just not true.

  • Andrea

    It sickens me how Bristol treats Gino….I think in the back of her mind, she knows that she is lucky to have him and that no one else would want to date someone who treats their significant other the way she treats Gino. I don’t care what Gino may or may not have done in the past; she’s made her own fair share of mistakes. She needs to forgive him for whatever it is and forget about it so they can move forward in their relationship. Although, I will say that he definitely deserves better than Bristol. Hopefully he will see that he doesn’t deserve to be treated like that, and that Bristol isn’t some Queen that everyone has to bow down and cater to.

  • Carol

    The court will no doubt hand full custody of Tripp over to Levi now that he’ss building his own family. Levi will soon be able to demonstrate to the court that he and his intended, along with new baby, will make a better heterosexual environment for Tripp to be raised in.

    • Joseppi

      All Levi wants is 50/50. And it will happen soon, Levi’s new lawyer and Bristol’s public mistakes will make sure he gets it. She won’t be able to deny him his time much longer. And hopefully she won’t be able to publicly exploit Tripp any longer. She can make her money herself without using him to do it. It’s quite shameful. Poor kid… she is screwing up his view of men and fathers. Hopefully Levi will be able to turn that around when he has access again.

    • Theresa Bosel

      Have you seen this kid? You people are nuts. Jeez Bristol I am feelin your pain girl! How do you deal with the stupidity of these people on your blog. I can’t read anymore. Its driving me nuts!
      Good luck with this!

      • Joseppi

        Um Yeah, we see him every Tuesday. Last night we watched him beg his mother not to throw his “daddy” out of the car into the middle nowhere. We watched him beg while holding onto his “daddy” for dear life and we watched while his “daddy” was pryed from his hands and kicked out of his car as his mother drove away and left his “daddy” alone there. Who the hell does that! Then we watched while his mother so callously told him that she would find him a new better daddy! And we watched him scream that he didn’t want a new daddy. Who the hell does that!!! So yeah we’ve seen the kid.

        • GrammarMatters

          I’m with you. That was child abuse at its worst. It was the most disgusting display of cruelty to both the little kid and to Gino. Who the heck treats people like that? The Palins show once again that they are bullies and heartless. Congratulations, Bristol. You’re as bad at parenting as your mother is. What an achievement.

  • tom stewart

    Wait a minute – this is a show meant to show how tough life is as a single mother of a 3 year old, and you put it on at 11 at night? I think most mothers of young children are asleep by then.