Sneak Peak of Tonight’s Episodes

Who’s excited for tonight’s episodes of Life’s a Tripp? Here’s a sneak peak of what’s coming up!

Watch here:


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  • Susan Ward

    Bristol, you’re such a loving and encouraging Mom, Tripp is blessed to have you, as well as someone like Gino in his life. Two things I’ve observed from teaching preschoolers: 1) don’t tell a child what you want them to do and then immediately say, “Okay???” because it shouldn’t sound as if they have a choice, when they really don’t and 2) follow through, teach them that their actions do have consequences. Tripp is a wonderful little boy, you’ve done an amazing job and you’re a great Mom!

  • Dewayne

    Willow is bossy… but I still like her, she’s a firecracker…

    It’s sad to see you two fighting, though. You’re both good people :)

    I fight with my little brother so I know it goes

  • Emma Lora

    Really enjoyed your show tonite. I had several laugh out loud moments. Also had a “ahh now I remember what it was like to have siblings”. Tripp was adorable as usual and I bet will be involved with the iron pup next yr. Gino is a very nice guy, Bristol! So brave of you to do the reindeer race.

  • Pam

    I love your show! I love Alaska. However, I have to tell you, I really like Willow also. She is a typical 17 year old. She is also honest and beautiful. Don’t be so hard on her. (You did hit her with the fridge door.)

    Gino is a great catch, hold onto him. :-)

  • karenbills

    I couldn’t get the player to play unfortunately and I don’t get the channel your show is on so I’ve never seen it.