Sneak Peak of Tonight’s Episodes

Who’s excited for tonight’s episodes of Life’s a Tripp? Here’s a sneak peak of what’s coming up!

Watch here:


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  • bellagrazi

    Super excited, Bristol! I effing love Life’s a Tripp! Watch it every week. Thanks for the sneak peak. Tonight’s episodes look awesome. Gino is the ultimate catch, Bristol. He seems like a true romantic. He’s awesome with Tripp. And he’s a genuine Alaskan guy. You are blessed to have him in your life, Bristol. Just as Gino is blessed to have you in his.


    You mean it’s not canceled yet?

  • Kirstin

    Excited! Love the show and your book, as well.

  • Ann Pinger

    we’re really going to enjoy this tonight… the last two weeks my husband was at work during your show so he had to settle with the play-by-play over the phone. Tonight he will get to enjoy it first-hand and since Gino apparently likes to start fires the Alaskan way, I know already we’ll get a kick out of that scene. (It IS a sure way to light up the brushpile… spruce needles explode so well!) So I’m looking forward to sharing the evening watching TV with my sweetie, we sure enjoy your family’s adventures from Dancing with the Stars to Sarah Palin’s Alaska and now Life’s a Tripp… bring on the local entertainment! That clip of you holding Tripp’s hand and him jumping is completely adorable and you are looking beautiful as always!

  • Anastasia

    I’m looking forward to the show Bristol. I look forward to it every week and I like reading your commentary before and after the show which is why I keep checking your blog :) .

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  • Misty

    I’ll be watching Bristol!

  • http://FaceBook Cricket Nichols

    I love your show and love your show even more now that it is being filmed in Alaska.

  • Stacy

    Enjoying the show so far! Props to Willow for being a cool little sista!