Not Getting the Memo

Thank you so much for your amazing support of the post I wrote this week about treating each other with respect, regardless of how we feel about the politics of gay marriage.

After my mom tweeted a nice note about it — and posted an even longer note about it on her Facebook page — it became obvious that not everyone got the memo. Read the resulting tweets here.

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  • onlyhope77

    Here’s what blows my mind…they call you a “hater” but they’re responses are unbelievable!
    Its obviously a set up to sabotage you your mom and any other folks around with biblical beliefs. There is some very big money in very high places in the liberal camp. I’m sure they hire people to come against you and your family with such hatred. If you shut up they will stop. They want to close the mouths of every believer in Jesus Christ. Bible says if they hate Me they will hate you. Great is your/our reward in heaven! Let the fight begin. He’s already won.

    • LilyWww

      Onlyhope, Sarah and Bristol sabotage themselves.

  • millie

    If we were suppose to get a memo either I did not get it or it just hasn’t come through????

  • Shannon

    I am so sorry that so many say hateful things. Keep standing strong and please don’t let the words of others affect you!!

    • Paulette Gardner

      It breaks my heart to see the horrible way you and your family are treated by some. You have a wonderful way of dealing with it that can’t be beat. That being your trust in the Lord. Sending prayers for many blessings your way.

  • jojo

    This makes me sad and unfortunately it is just the beginning (from the boards):
    ….”After watching Bristol’s reality show and seeing her extremely poor parenting skills on display week after week she’s already provided the judge with more than enough proof that she’s an unfit parent. Not only is she unfit, but she remains blissfully ignorant about parenting in general. She has stated on numerous occasions that she’s doing a “terrible job parenting Tripp.” Yet she never makes the effort to improve her parenting skills. It’s disheartening watching a person admit their flaws and then do absolutely nothing to better themselves or their situation. There are countless books and parenting classes available but Bristol would rather remain uneducated because it’s easier for her to play the victim and sit around and complain, than it is for her to put forth a little effort and learn how to be a better parent. Sorry, but Tripp’s behavior isn’t the same as most normal 3 or 4 year old boys. Based on the poor parenting skills Bristol showed on her reality show, Levi now has a much better chance of winning full custody.”

    So many are saying they won’t vote for her and want to vote for anyone else to get her off week 1. Please support Bristol on that voting site and with some nice posts and by voting every Monday night and/or Tuesday mornings when the show starts.

  • tinytwotoned

    Alaskan marriage is between a man and his pregnant girlfriend and/or sister.

  • LilyWww

    It’s not working. She actually looks 10 years older than in 2008