The church I would plant (part one)

So here’s my crazy idea: what if we could plant a church where discipleship is the dog and worship is the tail? Read more

Why I’m not too excited about church planting

Is church planting really the best way to reach the world? Are non-Christians crying out for another worship service? Read more

Why Jesus was mad all the time

Is Jesus giving us a green light to blast our opponents? To call people names? To nurse ancient grudges? Read more

Join me at the Reload Leadership Summit in November

There’s no better way to expand the vision and reach of your ministry than to attend Reload Leadership Summit 2015. Read more

How to get religion out of politics

There are only three ways to truly insulate the government from religious influence, short of making religion illegal. Read more

The Bible’s solution to the wedding dilemma

I’d like to suggest an elegant solution for Christian small business owners who may have mixed feelings about working with certain clients – for whatever reason. Read more

Before he was nailed he was screwed

Even before the nails pierced Jesus’ hands and feet, Christ faced a cascade of betrayals. Pardon my blunt language: before he was nailed he was screwed. Read more

Decorate your church with men in mind

The typical church is decorated grandma-style: Quilted banners and silk flower arrangements adorn church lobbies. More quilts, banners, and ribbons cover the sanctuary walls, complemented with fresh flowers on the altar, a lace doily on the Communion table, and boxes of Kleenex under every pew. Hallways are covered with handmade signs, photo collages, or school-type bulletin boards that suggest a kindergarten classroom. Read more

Does she expect you to read her mind?

Women have this romantic idea: “If he REALLY loved me, he would just know what I want.” (Cue the chirping birds, rainbows and unicorns) Read more

Has this book changed your church/ministry?

Have you read “Why Men Hate Going to Church”? Has it borne fruit in your church and ministry? If so, tell me about it. Read more

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