India from the eyes of Western Expats

Saw this interesting post Shantanu Ghosh's blog on blogs by expats living in India - from Europe and US. Their perspectives - though cliched at times can be humorous and interesting! I spent some time going through these blogs.. you may like them too:Delhi Struggle: by a couple from New York and living in South Delhi (Green Park). I found their take pretty interesting, although it is cliched at times. As they say in the "About" page that living in Delhi has its insanity - I guess it is … [Read more...]

Dacoit Tourism: yet another Tourism Innovation from Rajasthan

Rajasthan has an amazing past - of Rajput kings and Maharajas. Its princes have used that history well. The Palace on Wheels, and the Heritage Hotels are great ways in which the history has been well preserved and yet been presented for tourism to make money for the present generation!Now, comes the idea which is as original as they come! Along with Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan is also known for dacoits. So, what better way than to have the tourist go through "Dacoit Experience"! I mean one … [Read more...]

Where there is possibility of pain, there is no love

The questioner wants to know how he can act freely and without self-repression when he knows his action must hurt those he loves. You know, to love is to be free - both parties are free. Where there is the possibility of pain, where there is the possibility of suffering in love, it is not love, it is merely a subtle form of possession, of acquisitiveness. If you love, really love someone, there is no possibility of giving him pain when you do something that you think is right. It is only when … [Read more...]

Dishonest Seekers and "Knowledgable Masters" of the unknow-able

Why do we seek? More importantly, do we seek to get an answer or do we seek to find out? Aren't religions a quick-fix for seeker's desires? We seek but our seeking is so shallow and dishonest that we want to catch the next guy who can confidently say "I Know"! Now, I am not saying whether that person who claims he knows actually has gone through it himself or not, but can he or she even begin to explain it to the other? Can he take the seeking of a seeker to its ultimate end? Or does the … [Read more...]