Completeness of Experiencing: Good with the Bad

In order to fully appreciate beautiful sunny days, once in a while, we'll have some rainy days in our lives. What must be done not to be influence by our daily exposure to too many negative reinforcement messages? To equal the balance we have to do our best to bring to mind many wonderful and magical moments by which we enjoyed them very much, so we exclaimed "Ah!" Let's be honest about our society. It sells much more bad news, than good news. This is an undeniable fact. So, let's start creating … [Read more...]

Drishtikone stats: July 2008

Want to know the stats of this site? Here is table of stats which shows that no. of visits are now in the range of 30k, the hits are around 350k, and some 10,000 unique visitors visit Drishtikone monthly. Technorati : statistics … [Read more...]

2009 World Parliament of Religions in Melbourne, Australia

The next World Parliament of Religions is in Melbourne, Australia in 2009. Here is the link. Here is a picture from the first one (1893) Swami Vivekananda is in the center and His Holiness H. Dharmapala (Buddhist delegate from India) is to his left. Technorati : Religion … [Read more...]

Was Proto-Indo-European religion really the Vedic religion?

Budh in the Celtic languages is the name given to Mercury meaning wise. Guess where have you heard that before?Boudi and the stem budh appear in all the Celtic languages. It means - all victorious, gift of teaching, accomplished, exulted, virtue and so forth. In Breton today, for example, boud means 'to be'. You will see the stem in the name Bouddica, more commonly referred to in English as Boadicea, the Celtic warrior queen of the Iceni who led an uprising against Roman rule in 60 AD.The … [Read more...]

Three useful web sites

Today, three more technology sites that I found to be pretty useful. DimDim: It is an open source web conferencing software and is available as a hosted option as well with different pricing alternatives. I like one feature - no need to install anything to get onto the web conferencing. It set of features include: - No Install to join meetings- Easy Share your Desktop- Audio & Video Conferencing- Present PowerPoint and PDFs- Private & Public Chat- Whiteboard & Annotations- Open … [Read more...]

I am the stag of the seven fights

Am gaeth im muir Am tond trethan Am fuaim mara Am dam secht ndrenn(I am the wind in the sea / I am the sea-wave upon the land / I am the roar of the sea / I am the stag of the seven fights) … [Read more...]

Indian politicians – Role Models for Prostitutes in the world

A guy sees a hot looking female. He goes up to her and asks her "Will you sleep with me for a million dollars?" She says "Sure!". Ok, so the guy says, "How about for $100?". The female gets really angry and shouts "What do you think I am? A Prostitute?". The guy calmly replies "I have already established that Ma'am, now I am just haggling for the right price!" Interesting joke. Now look at these two interview replies from the same person (Asaduddin Owaisi, a British-trained barrister - the … [Read more...]

What does Indo-US Nuclear deal mean outside of India?

I had said in my last post that the ramifications of this UPA vote victory will reach far and wide. US is getting ready to hit the Taliban and the Al Qaeda who are within Pakistan. So the US has already bombed areas within that country. It is not the last time that this will happen. The prize is not the Taliban or Osama Bin Laden. The prize are Pakistan's nukes. There were five countries who have the nukes - confirmed - outside of the current nuclear powers - Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Israel … [Read more...]