Orange Juice can be very harmful to your health

Are you one of those who likes to have a glass of Orange Juice in the breakfast? Most Americans do. In fact that seems to be the ubiquitous drink for most people in the US. People think that it is healthy. But is it?Orange Juice really doesn't have much in it. Its a good source of Vitamin C but that's just about it! It has almost no fiber and large amount of Sugar.Because of this now, the researchers feel there is a direct correlation between drinking Orange Juice and Type 2 diabetes - … [Read more...]

Top Stock Analysts in India

I got this list forwarded by someone and the write ups. Its a list of analysts who have been rated by Business Today (based on inputs from various fund managers) as the top ones in India today. They are believed to have a hand on the pulse of the stock market and the various companies.Personally, I am not an industry or company type of guy - because then you are stuck. What you need to understand is the economy and which will be the best stock going forward given its price. Do you agree … [Read more...]

Long term investing is a smart option!

Picking stocks and investing is not as easy as it seems. There are many who go around thumping their chests because they think they can pick winners (yours truly included!). But real winners are few and far between for anyone. Only very few investors and the top ones do it most often! One thing, however, is very clear to the smart investors (again, yours truly included - lol) that trading often and buying and selling at the drop of the hat is never a good strategy. Many people still do it - … [Read more...]

Health effects of bad bras

Of all the dress accompaniments, a lady's bra must definitely rank as the most interesting and intriguing of garments. It is unique in its construction and has revolutionised the handling of a female's "assets" ever since it arrived on the scene! As much as it is worn (and fantasized.. by men), it is definitely highly misunderstood! In any exercise, a lady's breasts move in vertical and horizontal movements. Yet, most bras just manage the vertical movement.... if they are properly configured and … [Read more...]

Mindful Meditation slows HIV progress

Meditation is a bastardized word. People have made it into practices into exercises into methodologies.. everything other than what it is supposed to be. The word for meditation in Sanskrit or Hindi was "Dhyan" - which means "to contemplate". The eternal question is the most suitable for contemplation - "Who Am I"? It is this question and this alone which takes you to the very edge of creation and beyond. One of the accompanying step in this contemplation is that one is in the present (the here … [Read more...]