The Real Hero

A truly inspiring story of a little kid who used to polish shoes, live in a slum and whose father is a rickshaw puller. The kid, Ramu is now studying in Kolkatta Medical College to become a doctor! … [Read more...]

Quantum collapse can be undone

Our Observation collapses the wave and we can have a particle instead. At least that much is a certainty for scientists. Of course, the question that has always remained is how does the quantum world and the physical world so different in its appearance.There was another point. That as soon as we measure the wave position, we force its collapse. So, the question is can it be undone? From the entire "business" of nirvana or enlightenment proliferated by the mystics, it seems that it should … [Read more...]

Unbelievable Badminton rally

What an amazing rally! It seems these guys don't miss anything! I completely lost count of the smashes that were easily returned by the Chinese team... just take a look. … [Read more...]

First ever Individual Gold for India in Olympics!! (BREAKING NEWS)

NOW, we are off to a FLYING START!Ok, this is history in the making! India has won the first individual Gold EVER in Olympics!Abhinav Bindra won the gold medal in men's 10 metre air rifle event of the shooting competition on Monday Morning. He had a score of 700.5. China's Zhu Qinan, who was Athens Gold Medalist got silver at 699.7 and Finland's Nehri Hakkinen got bronze. … [Read more...]

Can something "real" from China please show up??

We have all heard of the fakes from China... haven't we?- Fake medicines - Fake brand name clothes and accessories - Fake electronicsThe Olympics is the biggest even in 4 years, so one would think it is time for China to redeem itself!Instead, we get the BIGGEST ever ticket scam - of truly Chinese proportions. So, even before the Olympics starts the scamming of the world has begun?Well, at least the Opening ceremony was something just out of this world? That should have settled things … [Read more...]

Quite a day at work….

Would you even call into work that day? I hope they had some Health benefits - and wondering if in that generation, the Americans had same issues with mental trauma as the soldiers of today have after one duty in Iraq! … [Read more...]

Asian geopolitics and Self Preservation

Most of the times, the analysis of geopolitics and national interests are often couched in "my-transgressions-are-strategy-yours-are-machiavellian-actions" language. So, when Pakistan uses Kashmir as a whipping rod against India and kills both Hindus as well as Muslims - its bad from the Indian side and a matter of Muslim pride for Pakistan. When India responds with its Army and hits back and in the process tramples the Muslims, while Hindus just move out as no one even protects them - then it … [Read more...]

Our Secret Chamber (Part 1)

“Solving our problems and improving our lives through.....................”Every human being on this planet from the past, did his best to improve his life. The same action applies to our current human beings, and also will this is also true, regarding human beings from our future. It's very much alive pulsating in our spiritual genes.Man has built pyramids, temples, churches, shrines, etc to be able to find a very special place where he can get tuned with his Maker, his Creator, in other wor … [Read more...]