Let everyday be the start of a New Year

Life is just a continuous flow.  Does creating artificial breaks make any difference?Birthdays, New Years day or some regional new year.  The Galaxy doesnt know.  The Universe doesnt care.  Animals cant distinguish between 2012 and 2013.  Unless our very way to life is altered.  Unless our very core takes on new vitality.  Unless we can channelize ourselves in a new direction, such "time breaks" mean nothing.We could make the change on any day.  If we have to be a better person,  we can do th … [Read more...]

Are American Retirees Headed for Poverty?

One piece of information in an article on the coming trends intrigued and concerned me.  As per a study, the Americans will be left with very less money at the end of their retirement.  This is pretty serious. What's in your wallet? How about $5? That's how much half of all Americans in retirement will have for food each day, says a study outlining our perilously low savings rate. Ominously, 75 percent of Americans nearing retirement age in 2010 had less than $30,000 in their retirement ac … [Read more...]

Looking inwards

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Do the Newspaper companies have a future?

Everyone is predicting death of the newspapers in the world of digital news of smartphones and iPads. But is that true? It seems that the newspapers circulation is rising as people are willing to pay for news as well.  The new trend for the paid digital content is actually helping a lot of media outlets to become more viable.  Related articles from External Sources85% of U.S. magazine and newspaper publishers have an iPad app, survey says Survey: 87% of US magazines, newspapers have … [Read more...]

What is an Aura?

Someone asks Sadhguru about what Aura is. Sadhguru then explains what Aura is and what is the importance of understanding Aura for a Spiritual Seeker. … [Read more...]