Damn… Facebook forcibly likes a page for me!

Remember this article I had written sometime back about how even people who are dead long back were "clicking on" Like button on Facebook for some sites peddling products, that while alive they wouldn't have touched with a 100 ft long pole? (Now even the Dead Can’t Keep Away from Facebook!!)In that post there were instances where people - living - were also seeing pages showing up as "Liked" which they would never do.Apparently, Facebook has taken care of that anomaly.Now, it only a … [Read more...]

Now you can convert your Android Phone into a PC using “Ubuntu for Android”

It is out there in a big way, but it hasn't really caught the popular/layman-woman's mind as say, Android and iOS have.  But Ubuntu seems to be a rather interesting play in convergence of all the computing platforms.  It is open source and free and extremely convergent. In fact the Non-Profit One Laptop per Child Association is already using Ubuntu for low-price laptops for developing countries in education.Now, it has come out with something that can convert your Android phone into a P … [Read more...]

Air Travellers in India can use Soft Copy of Tickets and Boarding Passes

Something that is bound to make the regular air-hoppers in India excited.. and also could pose some threats if not handled properly and with adequate security.Now Air travellers in India can board a flight using the soft copy of their boarding passes instead of a printed copy. The soft copy on a Smartphone, or Tablet or a laptop can be used for this.   Related articles from External SourcesNow enter airports with just soft copies of your tickets AI officials, cops involved … [Read more...]

Delhi Gangrape, Sexuality and a Lesson from Swami Vivekananda

Long before Swami Vivekananda had become popular through his landmark speeches in Chicago in 1893, he had once gone to meet and stay with Maharaja of Jaipur.  As was the custom, Maharaja a great lover of festivities went out of his way to welcome Swamiji.  There was an issue that he didn't forsee.  Welcoming rituals included welcoming the guests by prostitutes who were specially called in.As Swamiji came, Maharaja called the "best and the most expensive prostitute" to welcome him.  Swamiji was … [Read more...]

Earth was closest to Sun today this year; notwithstanding the cold weather around the world!

Today, (Jan 2) Earth is closest to the Sun for this year (2013).  This point is called perihelion.  The point at which the earth is the farthest is called aphelion.  Today Earth was just 91,402,560 miles from the sun; while at its furthest it will be 94,508,960 miles away.While many would think that the size of the sun should increase.  It does.  But it is not really noticeable to the normal eye.  The size increase is just 3.4%.  Earth's eccentricity - or how elliptical the Earth's orbit is aro … [Read more...]

Barack Obama: I am great at cooking Keema Curry!

Vikas Khanna is an Indian chef, restaurateur, food writer, filmmaker, humanitarian and the host of the TV Show MasterChef India.  He has been in the People's list of "Sexiest Man Alive" as well as been called the Hottest Chef in the world!In a dinner ceremony last year, he happened to cook for President Obama, who revealed one of his own culinary secret to him. “He (Obama) called me and said, ‘Hey, you know what, I can also cook Indian food very well! In fact, I am great at cooking Keema curr … [Read more...]

Delhi High Court slams Delhi Police for imposing Section 144 to undermine protests

After the gangrape case in Delhi, there were protests.  Not only were these protesters lathi charged, but a curfew was imposed on the city center to obviate the protests.  Section 144 was imposed.  Looking at this high-handedness of the Government - orchestrated via the Delhi Police, the High Court has expressed its displeasure and slammed the Delhi Police for curtailing the fundamental rights of the citizens to protest. The high court said, "If unlawful elements entered the protests, the police … [Read more...]