How the Unconscious Mind impacts our Conscious Life and Actions

A very interesting discussion on the Unconscious Mind.  Leonard Mlodinow, author of Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior discusses how our unconscious mind rules what we do during our conscious time. … [Read more...]

Discussion on Ill-treatment of Minorities, specifically Hindus, in Pakistan

Here is a very interesting discussion on the situation and treatment of Minorities in Pakistan, and specifically the Hindus.  One of the guests Munir Saami has an incisive take on mess in Pakistan.  He gives reference of the Persian rulers - the Mughals - who also treated Hindus extremely badly.  He cites a popular Poet of that time, which underscores his point.   Related articles from External SourcesArt treasures of the Mughal empire Bilawal Bhutto Zardari condemns attacks on … [Read more...]

Pakistani soldiers (Sickos!) enter Indian territory, behead two Indian soldiers and carry one’s head with them as trophy

Honestly, one doesn't understand the motivation of Pakistanis - their forces and the passionate Jehadis - to act as worse than animals. To behead someone and carry their heads around as trophies is demeaning. It is more a comment on the guy who does that, than someone whose head was carried.  Every soldier is fighting for his country - whether it is an American soldier or a Canadian, a Saudi, a British, a Pakistani or an Indian.The least one soldier can do to another is show some respect.  War … [Read more...]

“Medical Chest” from 2000 year old Roman Ship wreck shows an Eye Medicine

What happens when you find an over 2000 year old ship wreck under sea and rummage through its contents.  Specially when you get access to the "Medical Chest" of that crew.  Well, that is what the researchers got hold of from a Roman shipping vessel, Relitto del Pozzinosank that sank off the coast of Tuscany around 120 B.C.E. That cargo, it turned out, included ceramic vessels made to carry wine, glass cups from the Palestine area and lamps from Asia minor. But in 2004, the archaeologists di … [Read more...]

4th Generation Ultrabooks will be Touch-screen, detachable and retail for under $600; available by end 2013

We all know how the Tablets are eating into the world of laptops and PCs.  Well now it is the time for the Laptop-world to hit back the Tablet-monster where it hurts the most.  By end of this year, we may have Ultrabooks - thin Notebooks, which will require Touch and will actually retail for less than $600!  So spake Intel at the Today at its CES event, Intel made the claim that by the end of 2013, the market will enjoy the presence of $599, touch-enabled Ultrabook laptops. The company also stat … [Read more...]

Meteor Stone bought from Morocco is from Mars; has evidence of water in Martian crust

Jay Piatek - a meteorite enthusiast - was in Morocco and he found a stone that was supposed to have been from a meteorite.  He bought the - weighing less than a pound - stone and sent it to the researchers in University of New Mexico to analyze it.  Their analysis came up with some really interesting insights and finds.  Unlike other samples collected by Martian rovers, this stone seemed to be from Martian crust as opposed to the mantle!   And, it showed evidence of Water as well! The meteor seem … [Read more...]

Truth is a Pathless Land, J. Krishnamurti

J. Krishnamurti was "discovered" by Theosophist, Annie Besant when she saw him on a beach in Chennai.  Theosophists believed that two World Teachers had come before - Buddha and Jesus.  The third was to arrive.  J. Krishnamurti was the third.  So they thought.  He was taken away from his parents and made to go through an education in Oxford.  There he didn't do remarkably well in studies.  In fact, it is said, he failed most subjects.  However, he had a razor sharp intellect in another dimensi … [Read more...]

Pakistani News Editor sacked for Cooking up a “Wikileak” story to please his ISI bosses

Certain changes are happening in the Pakistani world, that give reason for hope to the outside world. This incident of sacking of a news editor because he cooked up a false Wikileaks report to please his bosses in ISI and Pakistan Army, does show that some sections are standing up against the whole establishment. Siddique Sajid, editor of Pakistan's Online news agency, has been sacked after it published a fake WikiLeaks-based report that New Delhi allegedly played a role in destabilising the … [Read more...]