Spammers Windfall: Now send spam to a famous person by paying Facebook $100!

So here is another Facebook idiosyncratic revenue model practice.  If you're sending a message to a random person on Facebook, they'll charge you $1 to skip the spam filter and actually have the email delivered into the inbox.  But if the recipient has a lot of followers, Facebook will charge you $100.Facebook has said they're just testing the service to see if they can get away with it.  Btw, the recipient doesn't get a penny from the moneys paid by spammers. S/he ONLY gets the spam and Fa … [Read more...]

Manual for a Stranger World: How Tom Cruise Ruined Interaction Design

A very interesting presentation and view of the world. Check it out. … [Read more...]

When two Beggars beg from each other: What is Love?

What is Love? Do we even know how to love? One who has never loved himself, how can he love the other?  How does Love work?  What makes it better and what makes it grow? … [Read more...]

Amazon AutoRip: buy music CDs and get songs ripped as MP3s on Amazon Cloud as well

Amazon has come out with an interesting service called AutoRip.  This way customers can automatically stores free MP3 in Amazon Cloud Player when customers acquire a new CD.  These songs - from the CDs - will be available for playback or immediate download. After a customer purchases a CD, customers will be prompted to go to Cloud Player to listen and download the music.The service is available at AutoRip page.The CDs eligible for this service are upwards of 37,000. … [Read more...]

Salman Khurshid discusses Pakistan imbroglio with French TV

Salman Khurshid discusses the current issue with Pakistan. Whatever he is saying, obviously means nothing. Because he is neither here nor there. We don't have a strong policy of what will be done when Pakistan does something. And, Pakistan knows that. Our talk means absolutely nothing.When she asks "What can you do if things get worse?"And Khurshid says - we can stop playing cricket. Hmmm.. now that really really hurts Pakistan.. ain't it? Specially people like Hafeez Saeed.Image Credit: … [Read more...]

All about Food Myths and Fad Diets

Here is a very interesting discussion where we listen to the experts on the Fads and Myths relating to foods.  Here is the introduction to the piece and then the discussion Every New Year millions of Americans resolve to lose weight, eat better and hit the gym. Sadly, many of us aren’t successful. But in our quest to be slimmer and fitter, we often seize on headlines that tout the perfect food, a surefire elixir, or that demonize a delicious vice. This hour, we’re going to debunk some common myth … [Read more...]

Is Logic the Only way to Perceive Life?

Is Logic the only way to understand this world?  Or are there other ways?  Humans have the ability to engage and understand with the world at different dimensions.  Logic is a lower form of it.  He explains here.  … [Read more...]

The King and the Cleaning boy: story of the Spiritual journey

What a beautiful story from an Enlightened Master - Mooji. … [Read more...]