Why are UFOs haunting the International Space Station – sightings on the rise?

Are UFOs haunting the International Space Station (ISS)?  If the UFO enthusiasts are to be believed, it seems that ISS has seen an increasing activities of the UFO flying around. Videos have cropped up on YouTube showing images taken by NASA cameras of objects of different shapes, some moving very slowly, others rapidly hurtling through space.  What, exactly, are we looking at here? Alien spacecraft dropping by for a visit with the ISS? Reflections from ISS windows? Meteors? Or various types of … [Read more...]

Using Statistics to impact Elections and a Preschool in Sweden’s attempt to “Eliminate Gender” (Audio Podcast)

A very interesting talk with PhD candidate in statistics Panos Toulis about his work with the Obama campaign and the increasingly quantitative nature of elections in America.  The podcast also discusses an effort to eliminate gender at a Swedish preschool where there are no boys or girls, only "friends."  Very interesting discussions! … [Read more...]

What are Siddhis in Yoga and why are they irrelevant in Spirituality?

Siddhis are accomplishments of the body and energies.  These are immature and juvenile acts.  Sadhguru says all those miracles are useful and irrelevant.  Very useful! … [Read more...]

Chi Energy Master’s amazing powers; sets paper ablaze with just energy

Meditational techniques provide immense powers. Those who are on the Spiritual powers eschew using or showing such powers. Here is a Qi Master who hesitatingly demonstrates his craft in public and then withdraws because of "reprimand from his Masters". The guy actually sets paper on fire just by using his bodies Qi energy!  Related articles from External Sources'Tai Chi Elements' Development Funded Through Kickstarter Energy Saving Freebies - Home Expert Awards About Breathing … [Read more...]

Wahabi Preachers from Pakistan and other countries are Influencing Indian Muslims in large numbers now

The Islamic organizations in India are playing with fire.  Unfortunately, the Indian Government and the administration is either blind or displaying sad masochistic tendencies.  The Ulemas who descend upon India are bringing nothing but hatred and war in their wake.  What that can do in a country - we have seen very graphically almost everyday in Pakistan.  They subvert the laws and use denial and lies to come and then once they are here in India on tourist visas, they go about holding and inf … [Read more...]

Darul uloom Deoband (India) says Ahmadis are Kafir and should be killed like Shias

It seems here is the directive - in an answer - from Darul Uloom, Deoband India on the Shias and also on Ahmediyas and what should be done to them.Here Darul Uloom Deoband of India says Shias are kafirs and liable to be killed "like Ahmadis".  Check out the link.  No wonder that Shias are in massacred in Pakistan in hundreds.  The same mess could actually start in India very soon, if such rogue elements aren't reigned in.  India is the only country in the world where Ahmediyas and Shias can liv … [Read more...]

Ahmadiya rally in India being addressed by a BJP leader amidst Muslim chants glorifying Sikh saints and Hindu gods

A very interesting speech by a BJP Leader, BJP Leader Master Mohan Lal and Ahmadiyya Jalsa Qadian 2012 rally of Ahmediyas in India. Such a situation and rally can only happen in India. In Pakistan, such a rally would have meant a great opportunity for a massacre. It would have gotten all the top Suicide Bombers in training ready to unleash their "talent" on such a crowd... IF.. the State itself hadn't put them down! … [Read more...]

Almost Half (44%) of working Indians believe they have their Dream Jobs; but why is Attrition Rate so high then?

Now, this is quite an achievement!  How many of us can say that we are in our "Dream Job".  To have half of the working population believe that they are in their Dream Job, the Indian companies must be doing something really awesome!  The only issue, however, is that most of the Indian companies have a very high attrition rate.  So, it is as if "I love my job.. its a dream job.. but the one "over there" is always a bit better"! India has topped the list of countries where people are working in th … [Read more...]