Even China has snubbed Pakistan on its row with India

After having done all it can to hit at India, Pakistan is trying to whip up some international support.  But interestingly, this time around, China, its main ally, has deserted it. … [Read more...]

China’s Historical Cycles of Center vs Regional Control; can it avert regional implosion this time?

On a larger scale, when you look at the "Big Picture History" of China, one sees constant periods of expansion and contractions fueled by strong Central rule and Regional power grab. With the uneven growth in China - Rural/Urban, North/South, Coastal/Inland - the fissures that have ensured the cycles in earlier history of China may emerge yet again.They may or may not, because - mindful of that probably - Communist party in China has always ruled with an iron hand and an opaque national … [Read more...]

US Employee outsourced his own work to China to surf the Net; paid Chinese fifth of his salary, earning six figures

There are many benefits to outsourcing work to out of US, but this is by far the most brilliant of them all.  A person living in the US, hired a Chinese firm to do his day job while he would be on Reddit and eBay. He would pay the Chinese firm just 1/5th of his six figure salary and get his work done.  Interestingly, he wasn't just working in one company, but several local companies.To accomplish this he sent his RSA card via Fedex to the Chinese firm and let them do the work.  The fraud was un … [Read more...]

The Fallacies of Fat: Myths of Weight Gain

America is fat and obese.  One in three adults and One in six kids are obese.  How can you reduce weight?  Here is a discussion with endocrinologist and obesity doc Robert Lustig on what works.  He has recently written his book - Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease - where he says that exercise, for all its benefits, won't help you shed pounds -- and that fasting only worsens weight gain. … [Read more...]

What qualifies as a sin?

Sin has been used to screw the happiness out of people.  In Religion it has been used a lot to inject guilt for everyone.  But what is sin?  And what is the impact of sins in people's life? … [Read more...]

Delhi’s Women Helpline “181″: Low on resources and High on Optimism; “Not Enough”, Ms Dixit!

In a city of close to 17 million, the Women's Helpline "181" has only 3 phones and the supervisor still says that they can handle 70% of the calls.  One, he is clearly fibbing his way to an overly optimistic performance.  Two, irrespective of what he wants to portray, this is NOT enough.  Thankfully, the staff is now all-women one from the all-male staff a few weeks back.  But, it is NOT ENOUGH!  Is this a pretense .. a drama or a real thing.. a serious attempt to help the women in distress in th … [Read more...]

Gandhi and his call for Firearms to be given to India’s Citizens: Was he really a Pacifist?

A quote from Gandhi has gained prominence in recent months, specially in the US because of the Guns possession debate. "Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest." Some say it wasn't Gandhi, some say it has been misquoted.  Those who say Gandhi said this - say it is on Page 446 of his Autobiography.  The context seems to have been explained thus: "I used to issue leaflets asking people to enlist as r … [Read more...]

Gandhi ALSO blamed Women for getting Raped; Do Misogyny and Obsession with Sexual Purity go Hand-in-Hand?

Mahatama Gandhi was, after all, the "Father of the Nation". What's wrong if the sons take after their father?A lot has been said about Rape and the Indian culture.  Even Hinduism has been invoked to show linkages to the rape epidemic currently in place in India.  But are we victims of the prejudices of moralistic politicians who neither knew Hinduism nor were straight with the people?  Gandhi - the Father of the Nation - is one such person whom we shall look at today.Gandhi once said of a Ra … [Read more...]