Efforts to change Scrabble Letter Values; Are they worth it?

Many lovers of English language can't escape the lure of Scrabble.  Central to the fun of Scrabble is its point system that each letter brings to the table.   The challenge of making words with the toughest letters to gain maximum points makes the whole game exciting.Now, this point system is under scrutiny as new words enter the Scrabble lexicon. Late last month, a University of California–San Diego, cognitive science postdoc and casual player named Joshua Lewis conducted a computer analysis t … [Read more...]

Why did Buddha select Sarnath to promote his teachings? (and other interesting insights – Audio)

This question and many other very interesting insights are brought out by this smart guy from Deutsche Bank, Sanjeev Sanyal.  He traces Indian history back to the Ancient times and then looks at the current times and tries to connect dots.  He makes the story of Indian history very exciting and intellectual invigorating!  He has written a book - Land of the Seven Rivers: A Brief History of India's Geography. The history of any country begins with its geography. Marking the launch of his new boo … [Read more...]

Does Bob Ingersoll’s Agnostic Message work today as well in America?

Robert Ingersoll, was an agnostic of the 1800s.  He was probably the greatest American Orator of that time.  Does his message resonate today?  An interesting discussion on On Point Radio with two guests:Susan Jacoby, author, “The Great Agnostic: Robert Ingersoll and American Freethought.”Dale McGowan, writes the secular parenting blog “The Meming of Life.” Author of “Parenting Beyond Belief” and the upcoming “Atheism For Dummies.” (@memingoflife)  Nearly a third of Americans under 30 n … [Read more...]

Vedas were Pre-Harrappan, Sunken Cities, their Architectures and Archeological Finds confirm a Great Indian Civilization

Was Harrappa Civilization Pre-Vedic, or was the, now completely rubbished "Aryan" Civilization, Vedic?  Or were the people after the Indus Valley Vedic?  This documentary goes in to detail of the cities and civilization before the Ice Age.This journey takes us back to the discoveries that have been made with the help of National Institute of Oceanography which credibly challenge the current history of India itself.  Vedas and other scriptures after all, weren't just "mythological writings", bu … [Read more...]

Can a Woman be a Guru?

A lady meditator asks a question - Is it better for a woman to go to a female Guru? Sadhguru answers the question and speaks about the role, or lack there of, that gender plays in being a Guru. … [Read more...]

Study: Participating in MahaKumbh improves physical and mental well-being of Pilgrims; Positive impact remains even after the event

The MahaKumbh 2013 has been talked about a lot as it started this week.  It has attracted attention for its Naked Sadhus - the Nagas; the crowds, the celebs who have been and will be there.  The pilgrims who go there, go for a Spiritual aspiration.  Of liberation.  Now, without any deep enough awareness of the Spiritual experience, one may or may not be able to experience a liberated state.Does that mean that ordinary folks are just restricted to experience large crowds, din above which you hav … [Read more...]

Indian Working Professionals are Horribly Vacation Deprived! (Infographic)

Conventional wisdom in India goes that Indians get a lot of vacations and holidays.  Well, it might be true that India has its official holidays on the higher side, but overall the working Indians - specially in the private sector - are horribly vacation deprived.  In fact, as per one survey, India is the 4th most vacation deprived nation in the world!  Indians do not take many vacations and even when they do, they might still end up checking their work emails or even cancel the trips more ea … [Read more...]