1400 year old Ghosts fought in 1965 war and beat the Indians: Zaid Hamid

I am sure many have seen and heard this die-hard Pakistani rabid analyst, Zaid Hamid.  He talks a lot of nonsense and rants out rabid threats against Jews, Americans, and specially choicest ones against Indian.But, nothing would have prepared, even me - who had written a stinging article on him many years back (Zaid Hamid and the Hallucinating Pakistani minds) which was at one time ranked higher on Google search than any other Pakistani website post on him (got >160 comments) - for this … [Read more...]

Harvard Research team in India to study Maha Kumbh 2013; Gather, analyze “Big Data” from the largest human gathering

A team from Harvard is in town at the Mahakumbh.  In a bid to understand the dynamics of the largest human gathering on planet.  It also presents interesting opportunities for some on the team.  Including integrating their interest in "Big Data" to make sense out of this entire human get-together.The effort is bring called 'Mapping India's Kumbh Mela'.  The multi-disciplinary team wants to understand how such a large number of people can come together peacefully and celebrate this millenia old … [Read more...]

General Musharraf on Recent Beheading Case; again proves Richard Clarke “Pakistanis are Pathological Liars” quip

I think we all are accustomed to the "Game of Denial" that Pakistanis play.  Except for the hard-core believers of "Fairness" fetish; no one really believes anything that Pakistan says anymore.  I mean really.  For most Government - as was obvious in Osama Bin Laden's operation - whatever Pakistanis say has to be discounted by 100%.  It really doesn't mean anything.  Such is the status, that now, even they do not know when they are lying anymore.Their lying habit and manner of obfuscation is so … [Read more...]

Chinese firm offering “Rent-a-Boyfriend” service to Single women during Chinese New Years

Chinese New Year is coming around soon.  And, it will be time for everyone to visit their family.  Specially for the many single women.  In a country where they have 180 mn singles, that will be a lot of men and women.The country may have developed, but the mindsets still remain very traditional.  The families and the parents inquire if their daughters have found someone to marry?  When they will marry etc.  To counteract those questions, a firm has come up with an interesting solution.  Rent … [Read more...]

How I reduced Bounce Rate from >70% to under 20% by simply changing my theme

On the weekend of November 16-17th, we changed the theme at Drishtikone.  We moved to a "Responsive Wordpress theme" (Brennuis theme from Themeforest).  We used to be on Studiopress' Genesis framework based News Theme, which personally I loved.  The result as you can see below in the graph - on Bounce Rate - was dramatic and immediate!  The bounce rate came down to the vicinity of 10-15%!  From >70% to <15%.  The change is mind-boggling. Around the last few days of 2012, there wa … [Read more...]

Picture of the Day: Pilgrims wait to take the holy dip at MahaKumbh 2013

The scene is absolutely amazing.  One can only admire the patience of the pilgrims and the longing in their hearts that takes them to such lengths to take one dip.  A dip not to get Gold, or Diamonds, but Liberty from it all. … [Read more...]

How should one handle Sexuality?

People think so much about Sex and the opposite gender, so how to deal with it; asks a seeker.  Sadhguru discusses what sexual urges are and how they impact your well being or otherwise. … [Read more...]