Representing Hindu Concerns in Polity is NOT a crime, Shinde; Giving a gift to Hafeez Sayeds and Pakistan to lose all leverage is

Today one witnessed Barack Obama take the oath of office.  In a remarkable set of ceremonies, Republicans and Democrats joined in.  Those who have opposed Obama tooth and nail, disagree with his policies joined in to welcome the 44th President of United States.George Washington, once asked a lady - what will decide the future of this nation?  And, then thoughtfully replied his own query, and I paraphrase - It won't be who becomes the first President and how he governs, but how the power tr … [Read more...]

Rahul Gandhi, Can your family stop Sacrificing for India please? Really!

Next time we see someone dying of hunger, we need to make sure we have a few kilos of emotions along with us, so we can give to him.  Anytime a woman faces any rapist, she should shove some emotions at them.  They can be laced with slogans for better impact.  The farmers should quit committing suicide, they should repay their debts in emotions and slogans.For, in this decidedly cruel country of ours, our conscience - that weeps at the poverty and gets angry at the lack of even basic ad … [Read more...]

Responsibility leads to Freedom

"Freedom is not a concept, freedom will happen to you only when your compulsiveness is gone." Question to Sadhguru: Could you tell us all how we could help young people to understand what you're talking about?Sadhguru: See when we say youth, youth means humanity in the making, not yet totally conceited not yet totally lost, still in the making so it's a great possibility. The kind of situations we have created in societies today, particularly in the Western societies and rapidly it is … [Read more...]

Delhi Gangrape: A Month later, despite Outrage and Anger, what have we Achieved?

It has been over a month now since the gang rape in Delhi happened and Jyoti Pandey died a horrendous death after shaking the entire country, and indeed the world, in just 13 days.The youth were out in the streets.  The Government clamped curfew.  Closed all routes to the city center.  A police man also died.  Many activists came out, protested, got beaten and arrested.The Police got a bad rap.  The Godmen and Mullahs wrapped themselves into their own binds.  Politicians weaved a web of their … [Read more...]