After 60 years of Khalistani and Islamic Terror against Hindus because of Congress policies, 10 Hindus commit crimes means LACK of Saffron terror not its presence!

For last 65 years of India's independence, India has been mainly governed by Congress and its allies for most part.  Kashmir issue was created by Congress.  Its mess was perpetuated by Congress under Nehru, Indira Gandhi and then Rajiv Gandhi.Khalistan problem was also created by Congress.In the last 65 years whenever India has seen terror attacks it has seen those attacks for two main reasons - if you leave the North East out for now (which also btw is a Congress created mess) - and they a … [Read more...]

Firefox OS Phones coming soon: Developer preview versions to be available by Feb

The OS market for mobiles is really heating up.  Because that is where the real prize is in future.  We talked about Ubuntu, a few weeks back.  Ubuntu is an OS that is built to integrate all the platforms.  Currently although, Android is flying high in the marketplace, as iOS is falling behind.Windows 8 really hasn't shaken the things up the way it was thought to do.But here comes another contender from the Open Source arena.  Firefox OS.  And, to make its entry worth the importance, it has t … [Read more...]

What does a perfect Start-up Team include?

Getting to start up a new business and to grow them to something that can be a financial and business success is not easy.  It requires different set of skills than those with executives who run an existing business.   To run a successful start-up, what are the most important skills?  Here is an answer from a serial entrepreneur that is insightful, concise and meaningful. Read Quote of Clarence Wooten's answer to Startup Advice and Strategy: What is the perfect startup team? on Quora Featured Im … [Read more...]

Newspapers in Kashmir Valley suggest tips to survive a Nuclear attack; Coincidence or Portend of Future?

In a strange coincidence or portend of forthcoming disaster, one is not so sure, ads in the newspapers in Kashmir are telling people on what to do during a Nuclear attack. The notice, published Monday by the Kashmir police in the Greater Kashmir newspaper, advised people to build toilet-equipped basements large enough to house their entire families for two weeks. If there is no basement, residents should construct bunkers in their front yards, the notice advised.The shelters should be stocked … [Read more...]

Hunger is man-made in India: If India used Rice Growing techniques China and Indonesia use, it could feed 400 mn more!

China (197 million tonnes), India (131 Mt), and Indonesia (64 Mt) are the three largest Rice producers in the world.  China had the highest productivity for rice farming and can produce 6.59 tonnes per hectare.Rice is the mainstay for India's agriculture.  But despite the "Green Revolution" and so many "schemes" by the Government Indian farmers have a productivity that is FAR below that of China and even Indonesia.  India's rice productivity is 40% of China and 60% of Indonesia!  If India cou … [Read more...]