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John Edwards is a Hot Blond Woman!

Be afraid. Or confused. Or something. [Read more…]

Anne Rice: “I Quit Being a Christian!” Yaaaaawn.

As you’ve likely heard, renowned author of novels about vampires Anne Rice has boldly declared that she is no longer a Christian. On her Facebook page yesterday she wrote, Today I quit being a Christian. I’m out. I remain committed to Christ as always but not to being “Christian” or to being part of Christianity. [Read More…]

Christians and abortion: let’s act our age, k?

I’m against abortion. So are you. So is everyone. Who doesn’t like babies? The reason I’m against abortion has nothing to do with the fact that I’m a Christian, and everything to do with the fact that I’m a human. Everyone thinks abortion is an terrible option. Everyone wishes no one ever felt compelled to [Read More…]

“Then What Is Love To You, Anyway?” (From “All In … Almost”)

(More material I’ve written for my aborning book, All In … Almost.) I was twenty-three years old [when I got married]. As I write this, I am either fifty-one or fifty-two. (Maybe this will be the momentary uncertainty that for once in my life compells me to do some math! Maybe not.) As anyone who [Read More…]

The Shore Family Motto

This is the Actual Conversation had by my wife Catherine and I on the morning of August 17, 1981, the day after we got married (at nine o’clock in the morning in the Shakespeare Garden in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park). Before getting married Cat and I lived together for some two-and-a-half years. “I didn’t think [Read More…]

“So Whaddaya, Anyway? Some Kinda Fag?”

With regards to “My Parents Say I Should Worry About Making More Money Than My Perfect Boyfriend. Advice?”, here’s my two cents–which, when adjusted for inflation, means– Hey! Just now “Berkshire” sent in our young questioner this answer, which I think so good I’m disinclined to add anything to it. A lot of your answers [Read More…]

“My Parents Say I Should Worry About Making More Money Than My Perfect Boyfriend. Advice?”

[Update: “So Whaddaya, Anyway? Some Kinda Fag?”] Okay, readers. The following note came in today (in response to “Six Tests To Determine If He’s Mr. Right”). How would any of you advise this young woman? Wow. Thank you so much. I have a lot to think about. I have been dating my boyfriend now for about [Read More…]

Twelve Years of Rejected Short Stories, And Then This!

The other day I found on my Facebook page a brief supportive note from a woman whose name, Elaine Liner, I failed to place. Later that day it popped into my head: she was the woman who, in 1991, had published one of my short stories. I have no idea what the state is today [Read More…]


Some of you have already seen these on my Facebook page; others of you wrote to ask if I’d in any way participated in the whole #Shakespalin phenomenon. I learned of the big Twitter fun yesterday afternoon as I was about to start making dinner, and naturally enough couldn’t resist taking a moment or two [Read More…]

Two Dinky Bits of Blog Advice

Looking at (literally) all the new blogs now on my blogroll (via yesterday’s “Send Me Your Blog Address for My Blogroll!“) made me want to quickly offer up these two tiny little tips for General Blog Improvement: 1. Make sure your blog has a little something on it about you. It’s hard for people to connect [Read More…]