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Sarah Palin and Lady Gaga: What They Have in Common, and Why (Hallelujah!) They’re Both Right

[Update: Just to be clear—because there seems to be some misunderstanding about this, for which I’m happy to take full responsibility—this piece is in no way meant as a commentary on either the political message of Sarah Palin, or the music of Lady Gaga. It’s simply a look at what I believe to be the [Read More…]

Praying When You Have Low Self-Esteem

A thoughtful commenter to my post What Is Prayer? expressed his concern that he’s essentially not good enough to come to God with his problems and prayers. “God’s focus is deserved so much more by the millions with bigger issues [than mine],” he wrote. “Can anyone recommend a good book on the topic of prayer [Read More…]

What Is Prayer?

The post you are looking for is Religion Quiz! Name the two kinds of prayer! Sorry for the reroutey inconvenience. [Read more…]

Is It Our Fault That We Christians Think We’re Superior?

Ha, ha, ha. That joke title was just my way of saying, “I overdrank this weekend.” (I’m kidding. I didn’t.) But yes, now that you mention it, overdrank is a word. Well, it is now, anyway. If you keep up on the world of  book publishing, you know that with blinding speed the industry is [Read More…]

“Eat Pray Love”: Boring; Boring; an Elephant With Mange

Poor Dumbo. And the elephant isn’t looking all that great, either.  Here are the five main reasons for which I found the movie Eat Pray Love unbelievably unwatchable: 1. The Julia Roberts character is so shallow you couldn’t drown a cat in it. First Liz (Julia Roberts) divorces her husband (Billy Crudup), for virtually no [Read More…]

What Exactly is the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is God–fully God, not any sort of partial, almost God sort of thing–that any believer in Christ understands resides within him or her. It’s the means by which God maintains an immediate, unfathomably intimate relationship with those who understand His presence within them as being complete and of the same substance as [Read More…]

On the Christian’s Natural Sense of Superiority

Being close to God is something to be grateful for, not proud of. [Read more…]

The Fearsome Song of the True Believer

I believe that my beliefs about the qualities and nature of God are absolutely, 100% correct. I just don’t think that what I think about God is correct. I know that it is. I know it with everything in my being. True knowledge of the true God is a crucible consuming all but what it [Read More…]

Is Christianity the Right Religion? Is Hell Real?

Lately I seem to have become Answer Guy. Which is cool, of course. More than cool; it’s an honor that people write me with the stuff they do. I appreciate those of you who follow my blog sort of tracking me while I answer this stuff (and of course via the comments helping out with [Read More…]

Evangelicals and Muslims: Both Love Jesus

Today at lunch I asked Pastor Bob, “If you could say any one thing about Islam or Muslims to American Christians, or to Americans generally, what would it be?” As he started talking, I started taking notes. This is what he said. [Read more…]