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Se ninguém é ferido, Deus está OK com sua sexualidade

Rapidamente em seguida à postagem matutina de hoje, How can I tell my mom I’m pansexual?(“Como posso contar a minha mãe que sou pansexual?” em tradução livre), eu recebi uma enorme quantidade de emails querendo me fazer compreender todo tipo de coisas sobre a sexualidade humana (A mais popular/imediata sendo que pansexuais são pessoas que [Read More…]

¿Cómo podría Dios romper el Gran Mandamiento?

¿Cómo podría Dios romper el Gran Mandamiento? Por John Shore Nadie tiene forma de saber si existe el infierno, o cómo se siente Dios respecto a la homosexualidad. Podemos simular que sabemos. Podemos ciertamente suponer sobre ambas cosas. Pero no podemos saberlas. La Biblia está abierta a un número infinito de interpretaciones totalmente legítimas. Ese [Read More…]

Como Pode Deus Quebrar o Grande Mandamento?

Nenhum de nós pode remotamente saber se existe um inferno, ou como Deus se sente sobre a homossexualidade. Nós podemos fingir que sabemos. Nós podemos certamente chutar sobre estas duas coisas. Mas não podemos saber sobre elas. A Bíblia é aberta a um número infinito de interpretações perfeitamente legítimas. Este é um dos seus grandes [Read More…]

“The Good Shepherd, Fences, and Other Sheep”: A Sermon by Pastor Bob

The question begs to be asked: What fences have we put up as a church? What fences have we put up without our realizing that it keeps others from entering this sanctuary? Will we invite them in? Or will we find ourselves huddled together on the top of a small hill with the floodwaters swirling [Read More…]

“‘Real Christians’ Keep Telling Me I’m Not a Christian. Are They Right?”

No one should ever tell anyone else whether or not they’re a “real” Christian. [Read more…]

Apologizing to Atheists: What’s the Big Idea?

Here’s what I was thinking with my letter of apology from evangelicals to atheists. [Read more…]

A Letter Evangelicals Might Use to Apologize to Atheists

If evangelicals ever wanted to apologize to atheists, this is the letter they could use. [Read more…]

A Woman Minister: “Why Do I Continue to Make These Bad Decisions?”

A woman minister writes in about the demons that drive her. [Read more…]

He Stomped Her and Gave Her Chlamydia. But at Least She Has a Boyfriend!

The below just came in as a comment to my Seven Reasons Women Stay in Abusive Relationships, and How to Defeat Each One of Them. Young woman who wrote this: Read the whole article. Okay? Read. It. And then get the bleep out already. Know this, girl: Your “boyfriend” needs you a lot more than [Read More…]

When Worlds Don’t Collide

Here’s a lovely comment left on I’m OK – You’re Not: The Message We’re Giving Nonbelievers and Why We Should Stop, by someone who gave their name only as “An Atheist”: I’m an atheist and came upon this book accidentally, but it offers the best approach to proselytizing/conversion I’ve ever heard from a Christian. I [Read More…]