How the Hobbit Movies Should Have Ended: A LEGO Version Featuring Hello Kitty

How The Hobbit Battle of the Five Armies Should Have Ended

And lo, Hello Kitty came before them, riding upon an eagle and holding the Sword of the Dragon, and the Elves of Mirkwood laid down their weapons and worshiped her. And the Orcs did likewise. [Read more...]

If Ayn Rand Reviewed Children’s Movies


Mallory Ortberg makes the world a better place with this awesomely hilarious piece in The New Yorker. [Read more...]

Thomas Sowell Wants You to Disregard Moral Principles When American Security Is at Stake


Sowell has an ethics here–it’s an ethics based on fear, fantasy, deference to military power, and an aversion to rational thought. It’s poison. [Read more...]

Torture Is Who We Are


Torture and its justification are part of our American heritage. America too could have crucified Christ. [Read more...]

Responding to Climate Change, Some Catholic Bishops Call for a New Financial and Economic Order


In an effort to mitigate climate change, Catholic bishops from around the globe have called for “an end to the fossil fuel era.” [Read more...]

Dick Cheney Has No Problem with Torturing Innocent People


All that matters to this disgraceful man is achieving our objectives. Getting the bad guys. He’s one of them. [Read more...]

The Purpose of Private Property


Catholicism understands and judges the ownership of private property with respect to its social function, and this means that the Church is not on the side of American-style capitalism and its ethics of private property rights. [Read more...]

Blaming Pacifism for Our Embrace of Torture? Are You Serious?

With apparently no worthier individuals or ideologies to blame for widespread acceptance of torture, Matthew Schmitz of First Things says he’s inclined to blame pacifism. [Read more...]

Franciscan University Honored Michael Hayden; Now It Should Speak Out Against Him

Hayden was a known torture-promoter when FUS honored him, and he remains so today, defending the CIA torture program, all its works, and all its empty promises. What will Franciscan University’s legacy be on this grave matter? [Read more...]

Homilists for the Homeless


If you’re looking for a Christmas gift of the spiritual writing variety, the Homilists for the Homeless series includes three volumes of short homilies and sermons for all three liturgical cycles of the Roman Lectionary. [Read more...]