Why I Hold on to My Faith, Even Though It Hangs by a Thread


Three words into a hymn or a creed and I’m elsewhere, rudely minding my own business. I confess: I am eternally awful at prayer, habitually inattentive at Mass, and probably hypocritical at worship. I feel I don’t belong, like a guest who lingers defiantly after being politely asked to leave. I figure even an incompetent inquisition would expose me [Read More...]

Ted Cruz’s Religious Politics Are Not Especially Christian


Cruz is a candidate for voters who think themselves indispensable and unique. [Read more...]

Who Supports Big Government Regulation of the Market, Whatever the Cost? Pro-Life Activists.


There is a matter on which many political conservatives support government regulation of markets and industry, no matter what the political and economic consequences: abortion. [Read more...]

Why the Church Should Oppose All Killing

516px-MS_Ghent_-_Battle_of_Tewkesbury (1)

If human life is sacred and inviolable at every stage and in every situation, as the Church says, then the Church should oppose killing at every stage and in every situation. [Read more...]

What the Church Allows Isn’t Necessarily Right


Debates among Catholics about moral issues too often rely on a cursory analysis of Magisterial pronouncements instead of the hard work of moral argument. Such debates center on what the Church permits without reasoning further to the rightness or wrongness of what is permitted. [Read more...]

Hiding Behind Private Property Rights


One can’t justly hide behind private property rights when the system that defines and supports those rights oppresses or ignores the less fortunate, enforcing grossly unequal distribution and neglecting basic human needs. [Read more...]

Mindless Monday Question: Aliens Edition


It’s too bad you can’t see a movie again for the first time, but if you could, what movies would make your list?
[Read more...]

Mistborn LEGO Minifigures

Mistborn LEGO Minifigures Vin and Elend Venture

Just because Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn novels haven’t been adapted for the screen doesn’t mean we can’t have LEGO minifigures based on the characters. Here we have Vin and Elend Venture from The Hero of Ages. [Read more...]

Teaching Your Children the Faith Doesn’t Mean Indoctrinating Them


Richard Dawkins himself cannot escape some religious instruction because he’s situated in a society formed by multiple religious traditions. [Read more...]

Destroying ObamaCare, Whatever the Consequences


Former Senator Phil Gramm is clear about whom he thinks are the disadvantaged: young, healthy Americans of means who are required under the law to help cover the costs of those who need subsidies. [Read more...]