Mindless Monday Question: Childhood Toys Edition


What toys from your childhood do you most wish you had with you today? [Read more...]

Sometimes the Old Ways Are Best: Archery Edition


Meet Lars Anderson. He can split a moving arrow with one of his own. I’ve never seen anything like this. [Read more...]

House GOP Drops Plans to Debate, Vote on Anti-Abortion Bill


I’m not surprised. Maintaining power matters more to the GOP than restricting abortion. The latter serves the former, not the other way around. [Read more...]

Ending Poverty in America


These few policies would go a long way. [Read more...]

Mindless Monday Question: Awful Film Adaptation Edition


What movie adaptation of a book left you the most angry, frustrated, or disappointed? [Read more...]

Radical Dependency: A Newborn’s and Our Own

20141221_153442 (2)

What if, instead of glorifying the autonomous individual and demeaning the poor and dependent, we recognized everyone’s radical dependency and celebrated responsibility and generosity, placing them as best we could at the heart of our society? [Read more...]

Ranking Hayao Miyazaki Characters


The pop culture website io9 has a post ranking the greatest characters from Hayao Miyazaki movies. I have one addition and one complaint. [Read more...]

The Catholic Version of the Men’s Rights Movement


If women pursuing their rights, fighting systematic oppression and marginalization, and gaining influence in the Church makes men reluctant to become religiously active, that speaks poorly of these men. They need to grow up, but they’re not going to do that by being fed overly romanticized notions like the “powerful manliness of the Mass” and the “heroic nature of manhood.” [Read more...]

Forbes Writer Says Pope Francis Uses Anti-Christian Language of Modern Pagan Green Religion


Steve Moore apparently wants a Church that focuses exclusively on the spiritual aspects of the human condition with no care for economic and environmental justice. Unless it’s glorifying freedom and capitalism! [Read more...]

Downplaying the Pope’s Upcoming Encyclical on the Environment


Robert George says that Pope Francis doesn’t know whether climate change is anthropogenic, presenting the matter as if there were no consensus among climate scientists. [Read more...]