Mistborn LEGO Minifigures

Mistborn LEGO Minifigures Vin and Elend Venture

Just because Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn novels haven’t been adapted for the screen doesn’t mean we can’t have LEGO minifigures based on the characters. Here we have Vin and Elend Venture from The Hero of Ages. [Read more...]

Teaching Your Children the Faith Doesn’t Mean Indoctrinating Them


Richard Dawkins himself cannot escape some religious instruction because he’s situated in a society formed by multiple religious traditions. [Read more...]

Destroying ObamaCare, Whatever the Consequences


Former Senator Phil Gramm is clear about whom he thinks are the disadvantaged: young, healthy Americans of means who are required under the law to help cover the costs of those who need subsidies. [Read more...]

Michael Novak, Still Defending the Iraq War


If you launch into a moral defense of a war without reckoning with the dead, the displaced, and all the other terrible consequences of that war, you’re doing it wrong. [Read more...]

The Professional Cuddling Industry Had Its First Convention


Is this all a fad that will be gone before the preparations begin for CuddleCon 2017? I wouldn’t count on it. We crave touch and intimacy, and if a niche business like professional cuddling is booming now, these are needs that are not being met elsewhere. [Read more...]

Ridiculing Republicans Because They Don’t Accept Evolution Doesn’t Actually Get You Anything


To have its place, ridicule has to accomplish more than making the privileged feel good about themselves. [Read more...]

Early Mindless Monday Question: Academy Awards Edition


If you could give an Oscar to the best movie character ever, who would you nominate and which one would take home the golden statue? [Read more...]

Some Folks Say Obama Isn’t a Christian: Here’s How He Can Prove Them Right


My addition to this Very Important Debate. [Read more...]

How to Depict Religion Powerfully on the Screen


You don’t need a doctorate in theology to get religion right on screen. A little literacy can go a long way if you’re attuned to the ways in which religion functions in the lives of the faithful. [Read more...]

Good for Eric Holder


The Attorney General wants a nationwide moratorium on the death penalty. [Read more...]