Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved going to theme parks. Growing up outside of Atlanta, one of my favorite summer escapes was Six Flags Over Georgia. The one summer I saved enough money for a season’s pass, I was so thrilled. In the future, I’ll post about my favorite rides and parks, but I thought it would be useful to share some of the favorite things I pack into a bag to carry with me when preparing for a… Read more

I found a glimpse of what my life might look like if I became rich. Check out the first couple of gallery images:http://www.elitehts.com/home.htm Read more

My eyes are so ready to shut. Normally my last day of Gospel Music Week is very uneventful, save for the Dove Awards. I always say it’s like Prom and everyone’s getting ready – no interviews! no meet and greets! I did manage to speak with my new friend Andrae Crouch, who is, as you know a gospel legend. This man not only wrote “The Blood Will Never Lose It’s Power,” “Can’t Nobody,” “Through It All,” “Jesus Is The Answer”… Read more

You never know that when you go about your work doing interviews and such, that sometimes you’ll be able to help people out of some hairy situations, like one group we “rescued” today. We had a lot of good laughs about it later but when the group’s previous interview came time for an end and the publicist came in to say it’s over, the interviewer said “no.” So the group really had to be “rescued” from the media. Here we… Read more

Alright – first things first. After years of doing the daily updates for my friends of Gospel Music Week, I went to bed last night instead of doing the blog. I know – slacker! So here I’m combining Sunday and Monday into one post and hopefully I can do daily updates for Tuesday and Wednesday. Have you ever seen the “Close Talker” episode of Seinfeld? Elaine’s boyfriend, played by Judge Reinhold, is a close talker, violating people’s personal spaces while… Read more

24 lovers will recognize Harrison Ford’s geeky assistant Chloe in the new movie “Firewall.” I saw it tonight and it is just an action-packed, nail-biting movie, kinda like 24 but with more violence and language (unfortunately).One of the interesting points is a young male character whose cell phone ringer was familiar. I thought “is that ‘What A Friend We Have In Jesus?'” A few moments later, the character is helping lead worship (believe it or not) at an inner-city Charismatic… Read more

I just got back home from a screening of Narnia in Franklin, TN and I just have say it’s just such a wonderful film. My main familiarity with Narnia was watching the cartoon movie as a kid so I wasn’t aware of all the subtle and not-so-subtle spiritual allegories. I know there are so many comparisons to Lord Of The Rings but for me, that was more entertainment and this one, I just found myself being amazed with the messages,… Read more

Thankully, I felt good enough to go and go and work the red carpet for the very first time last night. I had a media spot reserved for the premiere of the new Veggie Tales video, “Lord Of The Beans.” Along with spotting my pal Mark Lee (Third Day) and his family, I saw other top CCM artists and industry players out with their spouses and children. Red was the color of the night, at least for me. Red carpet…. Read more

A few nights ago, I mowed my lawn in the hot summer sun. Before that, I picked up what seemed like an endless supply of sticks and branches. By the time I got inside, cleaned up and met a friend for supper, I was so thirsty. The poor waitress was so sweet the first few times she filled up my glass but I could see it start to wear on her on the fifth or sixth water fill-up. I’m sure… Read more

Imagine if you will an old drive-in movie theater in the middle of the country with all of the lights turned out and everyone gone home. Dark, deserted and spooky; the signs of a classic horror movie. This was exactly where I found myself at 3:30 a.m. Sunday morning. My faithful sidekick Lady sat in the car while I used the only possible lights, my car’s headlights, to look around, keeping an eye on the pitch-black concession stand, an abandoned… Read more

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