“Pat Tillman Cross” comes down

A Memorial Day story on the local news station channel 14 caught my eye. Pat Tillman's name was prominently featured on a cross on church grounds.*Please don't call the phone number - it's handled.*I called the news station, and I called the church - no response. So I grabbed the megaphone. Thank you to all who helped to rapidly fix the situation. Within an hour of my post, the news station edited it out of the story, and the reported called me and apologized. The church also … [Read more...]

Follow up to Apostolic Truth Tabernacle

Interesting developments...I attempted to contact Apostolic Truth Tabernacle and their pastor Reverend Jeff Sangl to no avail today. I called but the voicemail was full. Apparently I was a little late in attempting to contact them.They have updated their site as linked above and put out a new message on the front page. It does not excuse acts of the past however and in an attempt to reach out I have created a video asking Rev. Sangl to answer some questions for … [Read more...]

A 4 year old is taught to gay bash! And the parents love it

Indoctrination of bigotry and hatredI couldn't sleep and began perusing the internet trying to find something to pass the time when this caught my eye. I happened upon this accidentally and found it so utterly horrifying that I had to share it.Here below is a video that has gone viral in the last 24 hours. It's a video of a CHILD no more than 4 or 5 years old condemning homosexuals. The worst part is when the room full of adults stands up and cheers!!!http://youtu.be/iRNbC-aSFLcNow … [Read more...]

Aron Ra speaking at RBB2!!!

Aron Ra at the Orange County Freethought Alliance.While attending the OCFA a couple weeks ago I had the distinct pleasure of running into Aron Ra. If any of you follow youtube I'm certain you already know who he is.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rW6R9RHvVew&list=UUAJfDidJyukTekgSRZrjadw&index=0&feature=plcpHe is well-known for his scientific  explanations slamming the very idea of intelligent design and creationism utilizing logic, facts, reason, and scientific data … [Read more...]

Air Force atheist will no longer keep her mouth shut

I love to read these messages in my mailbox.Wow, I was shocked to discover you’re planning to bring the next Rock Beyond Belief to Camp Pendleton.  I’m an 18 yr veteran of the AF (formerly AD, now a reservist at March.)  After 9/11 I was activated for 2 years to Camp Pendleton. I’ve been an atheist the entire time, and I’ve kept my mouth shut from the beginning. Tonight I posted your article to my Facebook page and “came out”.  Admittedly, I still haven’t come out to anyone in my unit sinc … [Read more...]

Church puts Pat Tillman on a Christian cross for Memorial Day

I nearly destroyed my television set. Right now, I want to destroy a television network. Fuck everything about this....Watch this report about Barbara Morris' church-driven memorial to the troops.[UPDATE: Channel 14 did the right thing and re-edited the story without this cross, and the reporter apologized. Barbara promised to remove Pat's cross from future displays. No word on whether she'll check the religious preference of the rest of the heroes she's honoring, or why she included … [Read more...]

Dean of Students at Baptist Seminary advises a FAKE chaplain

Russell Moore is the Dean of Students at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Last week, he published an Op-ed in the Christian Post - featuring his reply to 'A Confused Chaplain'.Dear Dr. Moore,I'm a committed evangelical Christian, and also a chaplain with responsibility for people from all sorts of religious backgrounds. I am called on to pray at many functions, with mixed audiences. Some over me are pressuring me not to end my prayers "in Jesus' name" but to instead pray more … [Read more...]

Evolution is just a theory…

From my perspectiveI figured since science is such an integral part of my belief system now it is certainly something I cannot ignore in this forum. I enrolled in two college courses last August. I'm very busy in the Marines so the opportunity to actually get into a class was something that had not been afforded to me prior. I'm an avid lover of history so the first course I jumped on was U.S. History (1865-Present). The other course was something I really didn't care too much about: Biology. … [Read more...]