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“Pat Tillman Cross” comes down

A Memorial Day story on the local news station channel 14 caught my eye. Pat Tillman’s name was prominently featured on a cross on church grounds. *Please don’t call the phone number – it’s handled.* I called the news station, and I called the church – no response. So I grabbed the megaphone. Thank you [Read More…]

Follow up to Apostolic Truth Tabernacle

Interesting developments… I attempted to contact Apostolic Truth Tabernacle and their pastor Reverend Jeff Sangl to no avail today. I called but the voicemail was full. Apparently I was a little late in attempting to contact them. They have updated their site as linked above and put out a new message on the front page. [Read More…]

A 4 year old is taught to gay bash! And the parents love it

Indoctrination of bigotry and hatred I couldn’t sleep and began perusing the internet trying to find something to pass the time when this caught my eye. I happened upon this accidentally and found it so utterly horrifying that I had to share it. Here below is a video that has gone viral in the last [Read More…]

Aron Ra speaking at RBB2!!!

Aron Ra at the Orange County Freethought Alliance. While attending the OCFA a couple weeks ago I had the distinct pleasure of running into Aron Ra. If any of you follow youtube I’m certain you already know who he is. He is well-known for his scientific  explanations slamming the very idea of intelligent design and [Read More…]

Air Force atheist will no longer keep her mouth shut

I love to read these messages in my mailbox. Wow, I was shocked to discover you’re planning to bring the next Rock Beyond Belief to Camp Pendleton.  I’m an 18 yr veteran of the AF (formerly AD, now a reservist at March.)  After 9/11 I was activated for 2 years to Camp Pendleton.  I’ve been [Read More…]

Church puts Pat Tillman on a Christian cross for Memorial Day

I nearly destroyed my television set. Right now, I want to destroy a television network. Fuck everything about this. … Watch this report about Barbara Morris’ church-driven memorial to the troops. [UPDATE: Channel 14 did the right thing and re-edited the story without this cross, and the reporter apologized. Barbara promised to remove Pat’s cross [Read More…]

Dean of Students at Baptist Seminary advises a FAKE chaplain

Russell Moore is the Dean of Students at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Last week, he published an Op-ed in the Christian Post – featuring his reply to ‘A Confused Chaplain’. Dear Dr. Moore, I’m a committed evangelical Christian, and also a chaplain with responsibility for people from all sorts of religious backgrounds. I am [Read More…]

Evolution is just a theory…

From my perspective I figured since science is such an integral part of my belief system now it is certainly something I cannot ignore in this forum. I enrolled in two college courses last August. I’m very busy in the Marines so the opportunity to actually get into a class was something that had not [Read More…]