Something in Me Loves the Desert

Picture here the hermitages on Skellig Michael, and why is it every Lent do I want to hunker down and be a hermit? There’s something in me that wants the cave, the cloister, the solitary cell. I want to close the door and curl up with a pile of good books and get away from [Read More...]

Hell in Haiti

This article reports on the unbelievable scale of destruction and the continued agony in Haiti, and the overwhelming conditions aid workers are faced with. [Read more...]

Look Within

It is an evidence of an evil conscience if a man cannot endure self inspection. Many a man is afraid of self examination. He is as indisposed to commune with his own heart as some children are to visit in the dark a room haunted, according to rumour by spectres. Read the whole post here. [Read more...]

Big Brother Britain

The population of Big Brother Britain is already the most ‘watched’ group of people in the world. Visit Britain and you’ll notice CCTV cameras everywhere. Speed trap cameras which wouldn’t be tolerated in USA are an accepted part of the landscape, and now the British police are planning to use high altitude, high definition spy [Read More...]

Desert, Desire and Destiny

As a young priest I made a tactical error while conducting an pre wedding interview. The young couple came to see me and I opened the conversation by saying, “Well, now, I hope you don’t think that being married is going to make you happy.” It was meant to be a rhetorical question to get the [Read More...]

Rev Lav Writes

The Reverend Lavinia Winkett is the Assistant Curate of St Etheldreda’s, Trumpington Down. She is an old girl of St Trinian’s, and a graduate of East Anglia University where she read Political Science and Wimmin’s Studies. Lavinia is a vegetarian, a member of the Green Party and a founder member of the Ancient Order of [Read More...]