Stupidity and Tyranny

The cool thing about online newspapers is that the comments from readers are instantaneous and fascinating. Immediately you can take the temperture of the readership and sense the mood of the general populace. This ignorance and bigotry and hatred against Christianity, and Catholicism in particular is stunning. Here, for example, is just one comment taken [Read More...]

Dare to Discipline

In the wake of the Catholic soul searching and hand wringing over the child sex abuse allegations and cover up, I’ve got some ideas on how the situation might be improved. It involves discipline, and lest this sounds too harsh for our delicate soft, selves, let’s remember that ‘discipline’ and ‘disciple’ are from the same [Read More...]

Clarity in the Midst of Gloom

In this article John Allen very helpfully analyzes Pope Benedict’s role in the sex abuse crisis which continues for the Catholic Church. Errr. Guess what? The Todd Unctuous folks in the MSM are getting it almost exactly backwards. Rather than being the chief cover upper, Benedict was one of the first Vatican officials to begin to [Read More...]


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The Real Problem Beneath the Pedophilia

What’s the real cancer at the heart of the church? Not pedophile priests…they’re a symptom of a much deeper problem. Gerald Warner at the Daily Telegraph let’s fly in this article about the real problem underlying the child abuse scandals. I think he’s on target in much of what he says. The secular press are [Read More...]

The Myth of Pedophile Priests

As more pedophile priest scandals blow up across Europe we should be ashamed of the offenders and those who sheltered them and oppressed the victims. The guilty should be weeded out, removed from office and handed over to the civil authorities where they are guilty of crimes. Systems to avoid abuse must be established and [Read More...]