Cardinal Levada Weighs In

Cardinal Levada, as the head of the CDF, weighs in to explain the facts to the shrill, tabloid style New York Times. Go here. What hits me in all this is how the various church officials who actually know the facts are admitting past mistakes, apologizing for wrong doing, but also laying the facts out very simply and [Read More...]

Man of Sorrows

From time to time I have the priviledge of visiting with a saint. She’s a very holy woman who has given her life to prayer. I hear her confession and we talk. Then once in a while maybe I’ll say something which is unkind about someone and I see her smile fade just a little and [Read More...]

More on Dorkins

Go here for more evidence that  Richard Dawkins is losing his marbles: As Shea says, “Remember now. He’s bright. You’re dumb. He’s an Oxford scientist. You’re an ignoramus. [Read more...]

The Power of the Blog

Thomas Peters, the American Papist should be congratulated. The travel company Kayak created and posted a really creepy ad featuring nuns flirting with each other and planning (one assumes) an illicit lesbian getaway. Thomas blew the whistle on the disgusting ad which was running on YouTube and was going to run in other media outlets. [Read More...]

Techie Question

Can any of you techies out there explain to me what Technorati does and what the point of it is? I seem to be rather high in some of their ratings, but I don’t know what it means and why it matters. [Read more...]

The Full Story of Milwaukee’s Fr Murphy

This is a must read: the Judicial Vicar for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee who tried the Fr. Murphy scandal in 1996 gives the full and proper account of what happened and reveals the New York Times report to be totally wrong. The priest writing does so simply and clearly. It’s a complicated case and Jimmy [Read More...]