The New OLR

Designer: Andrew Gould – Watercolor: Matthew Alderman – Architect of Record: Christian LeBlanc

I can finally go public with the stunning watercolors by Matthew Alderman of the design by Andrew Gould of the new Our Lady of the Rosary Church. Architect of record is Greenville Catholic architect Christian LeBlanc.

There will be more on this blog and on our OLR Facebook page, as well as running updates on our parish webpage dedicated to the new church. On the parish page you’ll find articles I’ve written on sacred architecture, a link to ParishPay to make a donation, and as the project develops, more information on the church, the theory behind it and what we are hoping to accomplish.

What I would ask you to do, if you are a reader, is to help give this project the public awareness that we need. After all the moaning and groaning about how modern Catholic Churches are ‘ugly as sin’. Here we have a chance to ‘do something beautiful for God.’

Help us spread the news. Link to our webpage. Talk this up in your blogs and chat rooms. Discuss it among your friends, copy and paste the images and send them to others. If you can–go to the parish website and make a donation!

  • Fr. Gary V.

    Congratulations Fr. Longenecker, what a beautiful design, both internally and externally. Will the budget break the bank? Our church is also in the process of minor renovation and I am transferring the tabernacle behind the main altar (from the side wall).

  • Kathy

    Awesome! I can't wait to see it finished.

  • Fr Longenecker

    Fr Gary. The price tag is $4m–not too bad.