Help this Struggling School!

An appeal from a reader is going out to help this new Catholic school in Louisiana.

John Paul the Great Academy, a lay run Catholic school in Lafayette, Louisiana is in dire straights. The school moved to a new campus last year, after having secured commitments from a few key donors to help the school purchase the land from the De La Salle Christian Brothers. The biggest donor backed out at the last minute and the school is in need of generating nearly 1 million dollars before June 30th to secure the property and remain open.

There’s more detail about the school here:

In the darkness of our secular age, we join with few others in working to inculcate real substance to fuel lamps that are not hidden under a bushel but are lit to “shine before men”. Unexpected devastating events within the past week have threatened to snuff that light out, and we need your help.

The fruits of the past five years have been incredible: four of the nine males who we have graduated are currently in seminary formation with three current students actively discerning with the vocations office, we’ve recently become the home of a community of religious sisters, and we are one of the only (if not the only) Pre-K through 12th grade campus with daily 24-hour adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Our work at John Paul the Great Academy is to carry out the work of the Incarnation: to renew the world. What starts in the educational endeavors of the academy extends to our families, to our communities, and to the culture at large. In all things we do, virtue for the sake of sanctity takes precedence. The classical tradition of education in the Church is what we preserve and promote. Please see our brochure (outside of brochureinside of brochure) for more information.

We need your help! After a crippling decision involving the continued operation of the school by its benefactors, we are in a position now where these last few weeks of the school year may very well be the last weeks of the school itself. The current threat is extremely urgent and threatens all of our attempts to renew education through sanctity and classical education. Our need is financial at this point, but we ask for prayers and any help your readers may be able to offer. If we do not raise enough funds within the next two weeks, we will be kicked off of our campus and our operations will be shut down indefinitely. Here’s a link to our website, where we have a ‘Support JPG’ feature for any possible contributions, no matter how small.

Please help if you can and help spread the news through social media and any outlet you have. Thanks!



  • Ben

    Whatever happened to starting small and working your way up? This sounds like a very small school. Your post mentions “9 graduating males” (leave aside the PC use of “male” like their talking about members of the animal kingdom rather than humans). A quick look at their website doesn’t change the impression that they could be meeting in a one-room schoolhouse. And they are already a million dollars in the hole? How can they possibly have bitten off so much with so few students?

    I applaud the intention to have a decent school, but if this is how they manage the operation, what lesson are they teaching the kids?

  • Tracy

    Actually, Ben, if you look through their site, they have a lot more students than that. Their graduating classes will be small for the first few years because most students who start high school elsewhere don’t want to transfer unless necessary. I think the hardship here was a million-dollar donor who backed out. If it hadn’t been for that person’s commitment, they never would have sought to buy this campus. However, now that they’re there and it’s perfect for a school environment, I can’t blame them for not wanting to give it up. I can’t help them financially, but I’ll sure pray for them.