A Coming New Catholicism?

Read the Anchoress here on a new Catholicism in America that is up to date, with it, ready to cleanse the church of ‘corruption’ and totally in line with the ideological aims of the new world order… It links up with what I’ve written here.

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  • Patrick

    With Benedict XVI appointing the bishops and the “Spirit of Vatican II” crowd aging rapidly, I very much doubt there will be a “schism”. Nancy Pelosi is a grandma, for God’s sake: she hardly represents “the future of the Church.”

    No offense, Fr., but people your age can’t seem to understand that they’re fading into irrelevance. People under 40 grew up in an era where there was no expectation of church attendance whatsoever and when ethnicity was becoming irrelevant to being a Catholic – and so any young folks still going to Mass – especially after 2002 – probably aren’t “dissenting” too much, and certainly not enough to be schismatics.

    And the younger you get, the more that’s true: to be a Church-going Catholic at say, 25-30 years old these days, you have to *really* believe in the Church’s authority. It isn’t that your Italian/Irish/Polish/French/etc. that’s keeping you in Church like it did in the ’50′s. It isn’t the idea of “what would the neighbors think” like it was in the ’50s. You can find leftism outside the Church, too. No: to remain in the Catholic Church when you’re a young-ish adult indicates that you *actually accept the Church’s claims*. That type of person isn’t going to be a schismatic.

  • http://platytera.blogspot.com/ Christian

    There are already an assortment of schismatic ‘Catholic’ churches, both liberal and conservative. And based on the ECUSA’s ongoing sucess with going to court to retain the parish properties of breakaway congregations, I don’t see much chance of any new AmChurch movement getting its hands on any Catholic real estate.

  • Rob

    For the Love of God and his Holy Church where are the bishops?

  • Richard C.

    Worrying about schism as the Anchoress does made more sense 30 years ago. It was more plausible then that a bunch of bishops might break away to “save the church” by attempting to ordain women or tossing the law of celibacy. Now it doesn’t look so likely.

  • maryclare

    Dear Richard C,
    “Worrying about schism as the Anchoress does made more sense 30 years ago.”
    If you believe that you are very out of touch with what is actually happening now, however old you actually are. There are very many auto-cephalous so called ‘catholic churches’ springing up because some folks have this quaint notion that they can call themselves catholic whilst disobeying pretty much every catholic doctrine you could mention. At least those that set up their own sect have acknowledged that they cannot be Roman Catholic. Now however organisations like LWCR and the Irish Association of Catholic Priests now want to do the same sort of thing whilst apparently remaining Roman Catholic. What Fr describes is exactly what is happening – the formation of an erstatz church – an imposter impersonating the real Body of Christ, and watch because many will be fooled into believing and following it into the outer darkness. This is how the antichrist will fool many. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

  • SKay

    Perhaps there will be an “American Democrat” Catholic Church with Pelosi, Sebelius and Biden as founding members. Atheist George Soros will be laughing as he donates a large sum of money to build their first cathedral because he already knows their morality can be manipulated.(He donated to Catholics in Alliance to the Common Good for a reason.)

    The National Socialist Party created and manipulated it’s own version of the Lutheran Church in Germany pre WWII so that the clergy would not disagree with all the new government policies being put in place..
    There were Lutheran clergy and others who tried to fight this–some losing their lives because of it.

  • Greg Cook

    I honestly don’t have a good sense of whether or not there may be an “American Catholic Church.” On a related note, though, what disturbs me is that so much of the discussion within orthodox Catholic circles is defensive almost to the point of crying “victimization!” What about God’s mercy? The power of Christ? The gates of Hell not prevailing? I think now is the kairos time, the time for choosing life, the time for a new order of witnesses following in the footsteps of Bl. John Paul, rooted in Tradition and Magisterium, loyal to the Pope, devoted to Mary, men and women of prayer, teaching solid catechesis. On the “social” side I see fearless witnesses for justice using non-violent direct action in love confronting the powers of wickedness and reclaiming the work of Dorothy Day, Dr. King, and Cesar Chavez from those who use the cause of “civil rights” to promote sinfulness. On the civic front, we need to prepare for stark choices and civil disobedience because no longer does American=Christian. I am entering the Holy Church by choice in large part because the Spirit continues to speak in a counter-cultural way. Oh, and one more thing: where are our brave bishops from the mold of Ss Ambrose and Gregory the VII who will stand up to two-faced secular leaders?