Abortion, Cannibalism and Black Magic

What does abortion have to do with witchcraft and black magic? Everything.

Today human fetuses are roasted, dried, crushed and turned into pills which supposedly boost male virility. This story isn’t really new. It was reported a few years ago for the first time and the rumor confirmed by DNA tests. This form of cannibalism is still going on. Read about it here.

Even more disgusting– an ancient Chinese pagan superstition is that roasted and dried baby boys covered in gold will bring good luck. They’re highly prized and the little mummies are kept like a horrible Chinese version of a lucky rabbit’s foot. One trafficker in this gruesome trade was caught recently. Interestingly, he’s a Brit–so no fair being racist and blaming “those primitive Eastern types.” You can read about it here.

It’s easy to dismiss the horrors because they happen in China, but it goes on here in the West too. The details are different, but the principles are the same. Read more.

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  • Matt

    Fr Euteneuer writes about this in his book on abortion and its relationship with the demonic. It’s sickening, and he has some quite interesting ideas I’m inclined to agree with.
    Yes I realize that Fr Euteneuer caused scandal with his conduct. Feel free to take what he said with a grain of salt, but that doesn’t necessarily make him wrong.

  • veritas

    Here in Australia a baby was recently aborted and was alive. The child was put in a metal dish and allowed to slowly, painfully die in agony oner a 40 minute period.

    There was virtually NO mention of this in the media and absolutely NO disgust or anger from the self righteous left. These nauseating hypocrites, who cry over whales, seals and trees, said NOT ONE WORD in anger at the brutal death of the baby!

    A world where people cry about a beached whale and turn away without a care from a dying child is a world devoted to Satan.

  • http://rujutax.blogspot.in/ RX

    In India, it is worse. Out of wedlock pregnancy is frowned upon and so single mothers, or cheating wives, or even legally wedded couples who don’t want a girl child will go to some touts to get some ‘ayurvedic’ medicines to abort their child. These medicines are dangerous and in some cases fatal too. Failing that, they just dump the child after giving birth to it in sewers, on railway tracks, in dustbins, in rivers and canals, or try to brutally kill the baby by dousing it in acid, burning it alive, making it drink some chemicals or poison, or battering the baby, or suffocating it… the list goes on.

    Its really sad.

  • http://fireoftheirlove.blogspot.co.uk/ shadowlands

    Shiver me timbers! What a horrible place this world is, when you look closely. Progress doesn’t overcome evil, only God’s grace and man’s surrender of self will do. Even Jesus had to surrender His will to the Father and sweated blood in the process.

  • Matt Ross

    Love how you used the picture of the Child Eater Fountain in Bern to accompany this blog, very appropriate. I remember hearing a Catholic priest (who was also an exorcist) speak about a prayer vigil they held outside an abortion clinic and some of the events that took place a s a result, chilling stuff.

  • Raymond Nicholas

    Would love to see this in the Sunday Washington Post.

  • Apollo F. Salle

    It is actually a historical fact that self-described witches moonlighted as abortion providers during the Middle Ages. They had to be because certain rituals in black witchcraft call for the shedding of babies’ blood; the younger the baby, the better, and what could be younger than an unborn baby? Which was why medieval witches were also the abortionists of the period. What is interesting here is that feminist historians are themselves aware of that, only, they frame that within the context of those witches as supposedly the heroic early pioneers in the field of the so-called “reproductive rights”. By the way, many years ago, while I was at New York’s Port Authority bus terminal waiting for my bus to show up in its gate, to pass the time, I decided to browse the magazines in one of the terminal’s many newsstands. Out of sheer curiosity, I picked up an issue of Ms. magazine, and there in its classified ads section, were two ads for, guess who, WITCHES!

  • Jay Everett

    Like many other things the real purpose of abortion being legal is to expose the USA as a group of people who think nothing of murder. This is fuel for the propaganda of the Nation of Islam whis has one goal–”destroy them from within”. And let me tell you folks it seems to be working since we have murdered over 60 million innocent children since it began. As an enemy of the USA this is working much better than WAR……..

  • Stephanie


  • SteveD

    As I understand it, the person involved was British but of Chinese ethnicity, which may be relevant.

  • paddy

    This is hands down the funniest thing i have read all day! Tell me you are some brainwashed ten year old who just jumped on daddy’s computer to spread a bit of religious hate.

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    ‘hatred’ the noun is ‘hatred’. ‘hate’ is a verb.

  • astrovashikaran

    Let’s play an associative game. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Tantra’? If you aren’t a practitioner or scholar or one who has delved into Tantra, chances are you will think black magic ‘human sacrifice’, ‘skulls and bones’. You will also probably experience an adrenaline rush that screams, “Danger ahead. Run!”