My Conversion Story

Is now posted at the Why I’m Catholic website. Go here. You can also read other versions of my conversion story at the Archived Articles section of this blog here, and you can download audio versions of My Journey to the Catholic Church and the story of how I ended up as a Catholic priest at Priesthood Providence and Promise.

Idol Speculation
Atheism or Catholicism - You Choose
The Puri-Fire
Is This a Miraculous Image of the Divine Mercy?
  • Amy

    Dear Father,
    Thank you for sharing your conversion story and for ALL your writings, quite frankly! I can’t tell you how much your writings have helped me as I’ve suddenly and unexpectedly returned to the Catholic Church, the Church of my youth, after a 25-yr. adventure in Protestantism. You articulate so well the thoughts that kept niggling at the back of my mind, struggling to find expression, about why I was so unhappy in church, but so in love with Jesus Christ. How could that be?! I spent sooooo many of those years focusing on what I felt was wrong about Catholicism and what was right about Protestantism. What a pride-filled fool I was! There is so much truth in F. D. Mauroce’s quote: I WAS wrong in everything I denied! So thankful God reached down through His deep love for me and shook up my self-centered world :) Thank you for your faithfulness to teaching Truth.