C of E — Church of Everybody?

One of the jokes when I was a member of the Church of England was that “C of E” stood for: “Church of Everybody”. It was an ambiguous joke–on the one hand poking the C of E for being such a rubbery kind of institution that it stood for nothing and therefore fell for anything. On the other hand, there was a sense of respect to the joke as well. The idea that the Anglican vicar was there to minister to the whole population of his parish was a nice idea–one which began in a time when everyone was baptized and at least Christian in name–but growing to a modern understanding that the vicar was still “the spiritual person” for everyone in his parish–no matter what their creed, color or culture.

The idea that the Church of England was the “Church of Everybody” was maintained because the C of E remains the established Church of England. The head of the Church of England is officially the monarch. The whole country is divided geographically into dioceses and parishes. Church of England schools are dotted throughout the land. Religion is still taught to every school child and (unless it has been changed) believe it or not there is meant to be “an act of Christian worship” in every school every day–and not just Church of England schools.

This article suggests that all this is to change because of the demands for homosexual marriage. Read more.

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  • http://catholicollarandtieblog Fr Gary Dickson

    I am a former Anmglican (not of the clerical state mind you), and another favourite joke was “What do you buy the Archbishop of Canterbury for Christmas?” Answer: A more comfortable fence to straddle. Many Catholics Bishops and priests seems to be doing the same these days, in the desire to offend no one and stay comfortable with the Government of the day. Sad, even scandalous, and damaging to souls -including their own.

  • Boris

    How prophetic Blessed Card. Newman was. The whole impetus of the Oxford Movement was the realization that this connexion of Church and State was leaving the Church open to impossible compromises with the true faith — a connexion that was/ is intrinsic to the establishment with the crown. It was happening in his day — the 1840′s — and he foresaw the outcome, and really has much to say about the present pickle the CofE is in.

  • Greg Cook

    I ask this out of ignorance: Is there any way for British subjects opposed to homosexual marriage to petition Her Majesty to refuse her assent to this proposed change? And could she veto any such move by parliament?

  • Aunt Raven

    Anybody can write the Queen a letter, and she actually reads them; or her secretaries summarize things for her. However she cannot interfere with politics, for this is a bill arising in Parliament. Her governance of the C of E is delegated to the Abp of Canterbury, who has no real power in his church or against Parliament.
    It is sobering to realize that the Queen, along with all her subjects, is also (unwillingly) a citizen of the infernal European Union, and can do nothing about it until the time the British are allowed a referendum to say whether they even want to be in the EU or not. (The current– as well as the past– Prime Minister is afraid the people will say “no” so he won’t allow a referendum. The UK only voted in 1973 to be part of a trade agreement; NOT an unwilling hostage in a “United States of Europe” which has the power to override any national law which does not coincide with “eglatarian” and socialist EU law. The EU looks to be the political mechanism to set things up for the ultimate EU president, –the antichrist.

  • David Thornton

    “The head of the Church of England is officially the monarch.” No. The monarch is the Supreme Governor. The Head of the C of E is Christ.