Satanism and Skinning Your Mom

OK. ┬áDon’t read this story if you have a weak stomach. To sum it up, a Satan worshipper has been jailed for life for killing his mother, dismembering her, skinning her and dissecting her.

So a kid does that to his mother? Gross! Disgusting! Horrible! Shocking!

Hold on. But mothers are allowed to do that to their unborn kids every day in this country. Yep. Skinning alive through acid abortions, dismembering, dissecting to make sure all the pieces are in the pan….

Oh yeah, those pro aborts in Texas were chanting “Hail Satan” too.

So its not a co-incidence after all.

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  • Heloise1

    You are right. Our culture of Death infects everyone.

  • stefanie

    I thought the same thing, Father.
    Last night, I was at a Christian gathering for women. The guest speaker noted that our enemy — once called ‘the bright morning star’ is obsessed with destroying human greatness because after God created man and women (Gen 1 creation story), they were declared “very good” — which usurped the previous ‘very good’ created beings called angels. And that this enemy lurks in the bushes and waits for an opportunity to whisper to us so that humans are pulled out of the state of ‘very good.’ She also pointed out that our enemy hates women — mothers in particular — because by the design of our bodies, we are meant to be guardians of human life.

  • LeticiaVelasquez

    Excellent point, Father!!

  • Ramanie

    Well said Father. Thank you and God bless you

  • Tom S

    well Stephenie, I copied and saved your post. you said it well as I have ever heard it said. Another tragedy in all of this is there is such a dearth of marriageable women who live what you have articulate so well.

  • Anne

    When abortion methods were described by a Senator in Ireland this week there was uproar and the media are still going on and on about how disgusted so many were over what was said. Of course it is horrifying and why should we be allowing this brutality. The abortion legislation that our Christian and Catholic government are pushing in against the will of the people will allow babies to be slaughtered up to nine months. Please pray for us.

  • cathy

    Very good Father. I wish we would hear more about the terrible sin of abortion from our pulpits in Church on Sunday. I live in New York, and there are a lot of pro-choice Catholics here (upsetting I know). Maybe if they heard more about what Hell is and the dangers of losing their souls for all eternity for supporting abortion it would scare them and make them have second thoughts. But, we rarely hear about abortion in the sermons at Mass. It’s probably the sin that offends Our Lord the most, so I think we should be hearing about it the most.