Bishop Gene Robinson– the Brave Pioneer

Bishop Gene and Mark in happier days

News today is that the Episcopal Church’s first openly gay bishop–Gene Robinson is divorcing his “husband” Mark Andrew.

Bishop Robinson is fond of portraying himself as something of a brave pioneer–the first to forge the way forward into the brave new world of “Marriage Equality” aka Serial Marriage.

Gene was the first to not only divorce his wife in favor of his boyfriend, but he and his wife went back to the church where they were married and did their own made up “Divorce Liturgy” in which they solemnly released one another from their sacred vows.

Then Bishop Gene was the first to shack up with his boyfriend, then the first to have a civil union, then the first bishop to marry another man. One can’t help but remember St Paul’s advice to Timothy that a bishop should be the “Husband of one wife.” (I Tim.3:2) Bishop Gene stood that neatly on it’s head and became the first bishop to be the “wife of one husband.”

Now Bishop Gene is the first to have divorced first a woman then a man. What a brave pioneer! How brave of Gene to struggle manfully (if that’s the word) with his many difficulties in marriage and alcoholism and still manage to be a successor of the apostles, an example to his people, a guide and mentor to the faithful.

This is the typical narrative the Episcopalians and other radical Protestants just love. They paint themselves as the brave pioneers who belong to a persecuted minority. Victims all, they stand bravely arm in arm with all the other victims as they struggle against the patriarchal, mean old establishment. Together they stand (until they get divorced) against injustice of all kinds! They lead the way like Moses out of bondage and into liberation! They are not heretics or rebels or selfish narcissists–they are courageous men and women of conviction who are prepared to challenge the status quo, march forward in the battle and wave the banner.

So march bravely forward now Bishop Gene! Where will you lead the Episcopal church next? It is hard for us to imagine what else you could possibly do to and any other radical cause you could possibly embrace, but we’re sure you will be able to come up with something–brave pioneer that you are.

Go here for a long article on the meltdown in the Episcopal Church. It’s not just about Bishop Gene Robinson, but about the wholesale abandonment of anything that remotely resembles the Christian faith.