Who Will Stop ISIS?

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin – Savior of Iraq’s Christians?

The brutal beheading of photojournalist James Foley by the terrorists of ISIS is reported here in London’s Daily Telegraph and across the world media tonight.

The demon possessed murderers of ISIS will continue their barbaric onslaught and expand their reach until someone eventually decides to stop the horror. I have written here of the underlying spiritual forces at work.

The question is, who will have the will to stop them?

Do we in the West have the stomach for yet another military adventure in the Middle East? We contributed to the mess to start with. Do we have the will to clean it up? Do we care?

There is little evidence in our media of concern for the Christians being tortured and killed.

Will the United States take steps to save the Christian minorities from genocide?

I seriously doubt it. Why would they when they have been involved in supporting various Islamic regimes from the beginning?

President Obama will do everything possible not to get drawn back into a war in Iraq.

So who will step in to stop the bloodthirsty terrorists?

Russia is the obvious choice.

Look at the map. It is only the tiny countries of Georgia and Azerbaijan and a sliver of Iran and Turkey that separate Russia from Northern Iraq.

Already Vladimir Putin is not only flexing his muscles, but doing so under the mantle of Christianity.

In April Patrick Buchanan observed here that Putin was increasingly adopting the role of Christian crusader. His crusade was to take a moral stance against the depravity and moral rot of the West.

Will he also cast himself as the savior of Christianity in the Middle East? It would be the perfect pretext to invade Iraq.

This article claims that the Christians in Iraq already look to Putin as their savior:

In a May 9 essay in Forbes, contributor Melik Kaylan writes, “Putin and Assad have maneuvered to become the explicit protectors of Eastern Christianity in situ. Moscow is back as their shield and Orthodoxy’s patron… As the U.S. and Europe are too tangled up in ideological confusion and contradictory goals to step into the breach, we furnish Moscow with easy triumphs in this area as in so many others.”

“The West is not Christian,” Chaldean Church official Aziz Emmanuel al-Zebari of the Iraqi city of Erbil told The Daily Beast. “They destroyed us by installing a government based on Islamic sects in which we have [no] place.”

Of Russia, he said, “They’ve always stood up for Christians. I’m sure they’d do more for us in our ancestral lands.”

Once the Russians had taken Northern Iraq they could easily link with their allies in Syria and say they were bringing stability to the region.

This article explains how the Christians in Iraq are looking to Putin to be their savior.

After a decade of church bombings, targeted killings, and anti-Christian workplace discrimination, Ramy Youssef has finally tired of Iraq’s halting progress and is intent on emigrating.

“I don’t want to leave. I don’t want these terrorists to do what no one’s ever done before: push Assyrians out of our historic homeland, but I can’t work like this,” Youssef will be the last of his immediate family to jet off—joining roughly two-thirds of Iraq’s pre-war population of 1.5 million Christians who’ve fled abroad or trudged north to Kurdistan. Before he goes, though, he’s keen to set the record straight and settle some old scores.

“This is America’s fault.  It’s the Muslims who are killing us, but this never would have happened if the West hadn’t turned our lives upside down,” he fumed. “Maybe we’ll be able to return one day if we have proper allies.”

Enter Putin stage right.

As far as some of his Iraqi co-religionists are concerned, there’s a ready-made alternative to American influence out there and they’re frantically trying to solicit its support.

“Russia proved through history that it’s the only defender of Christians,” said Ashur Giwargis, who heads the Assyrian Patriotic Movement (APM), which for two years has energetically lobbied the Kremlin to support an independent Assyrian Christian state in northern Iraq.

Would Russia intervene to rout the ISIS terrorists and protect the areas Christians?

Not only would the rest of the world not stop Russia from doing so, they would probably hail the Russians as righteous Christian Crusaders.

Or would they?

With the prospect of Russia controlling the vital oil fields of Iraq would America and the West stand idly by?