Vanity Fair? Call Me Confused…


It has been difficult not to have one’s nose pushed into a particular image this week. It is that of a former Olympic athlete dolled up as a woman on the cover of the appropriately named Vanity Fair.  Readers may remember the original Vanity Fair appeared in John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. Vanity Fair is a place where every [Read More...]

The Dissolving Family and the Bio Tech Revolution


This week’s article for National Catholic Register explores the seismic upheaval that has been the bio tech revolution. We seem blind to the fact that we are living in the midst of the most astounding technological revolution the world has ever seen. Biotechnology is the umbrella term for all the advances we have made in medical know-how, [Read More...]

Cheap Church Cheap Faith


My latest article at Aleteia defends the building of beautiful churches–beginning with the one in our parish for which we are soon to break ground. We are just about to break ground for a beautiful new church in my parish in Greenville, South Carolina. Whenever Catholics plan to lay out a significant sum of money [Read More...]

God? No Ruprecht That’s Not Our Mother


Go here to read more [Read more...]

Twelve Reasons Why You Can’t Call God “Mother”

First CofE Woman Bishop Libby Lane

The feminist Anglicans have unveiled their latest campaign. Now that they’ve succeeded in getting women ordained as priests and bishops they’re pushing for the language of the liturgy to be changed to call God “Mother.” Here are twelve reasons why you can’t call God “Mother” 1. Jesus tells us to call God “Father” - The really big reason [Read More...]

Anglicans Push to Call God “Mother”

Anglican Women Priests

  This article in the Daily Telegraph is old news. It tells us how the feminists in the Church of England want to get rid of the patriarchal language in the Church and call God “Mother.” It is sort of a news item because it comes hard on the heels of the first ordinations of [Read More...]