Understanding Iraq

  Today’s post for Aleteia explains the situation for Christians in Iraq–outlining who the different groups are and explaining a bit of their history. In 2003. Christians in Iraq numbered about 1,500,000 and represented just over five percent of the population. Their percentage had fallen since 1987 when they were 1.4 million, or eight percent [Read More...]

Notes on Tony Palmer’s Funeral

Tony Palmer

It seems that there are some Catholics who are upset that the Pope’s friend Bishop Tony Palmer was given a Catholic Requiem. Go here and here. They shouldn’t be. We can pray for the repose of the soul of anyone, and a requiem Mass is simply the prayer of the church for the repose of [Read More...]

Good Non-Catholic Christians – Is There Salvation Outside the Church?


The sudden death of Tony Palmer–the friend of Pope Francis–has raised the question whether he could be saved even though he never converted to the Catholic faith. Some Catholics would shake their head sadly and quote the famous phrase, Extra Ecclesiam nulls salus- Outside the Church, No Salvation. Does this mean that everyone who is not a [Read More...]

The Demon Wolves of ISIS: Ancient Assyria Reborn


Lord Byron’s poem The Destruction of Sennacherib begins with the line, “The Assyrian came down like a wolf on the fold.” My friend Paul Thigpen makes the link between the warlords of the Islamic State (IS) and their historic predecessors, the warlike Assyrians. Two ancient civilizations jockeyed for power in what is now the nation of [Read More...]

Tolkien-Lewis Movie in the Works


They’re making movie about the friendship between Tolkien and Lewis. Go here. This page gets silly about who should play the two writers Ideas to the combox on who should play the lead roles… My casting: Tolkien – Ian Holm Lewis – John Rhys Davies [Read more...]

Tony Palmer: The Case for Conversion

Bridge Across the Tiber

Before you make any comments on this post please read the whole thing…both pages. Thanks. Fr DL Can you disagree with the Pope? Sure. Last week I posted about some traditionalist Catholics who do nothing but correct the Pope. These extremists correct Pope Francis, Pope Benedict, Pope St John Paul II, Pope Paul VI and Pope St [Read More...]