Fighting Fundamentalism

View image | How do you fight fundamentalism? An article in London’s Daily Telegraph reports that a British government attempt to stop young Muslims from being turned into jihadist radicals is not working. Baroness Manningham Buller, who was the director general of the Security Service at the time of the 7/7 bombings, said the [Read More...]

The Puri-Fire


I was talking with a man I’ll call Henry today who lost his wife just before Christmas. She was only in her early sixties and had premature dementia. It was a terrible disease. Horrible to see an intelligent, active, prayerful woman laid low, and terrible to see the suffering of her husband and family as [Read More...]

Black People Aren’t Real…

Boko Haram Killers

…this would seem to be the message the world’s media is trumpeting in the wake of the silence over 2,000 slaughtered by the Boko Haram in Nigeria. London’s Guardian paper asks why the massacre in Baga has been ignored. France spent the weekend coming to terms with last week’s terror attacks in Paristhat left 17 dead. The [Read More...]

Pause for Prayer


To be led by God’s patient love into this attitude of unconditional self surrender is painful, but there is no avoiding it for anyone who seriously wants to pray. It requires no special conditions or peculiar way of life. The ordinary experience of work, daily hardships and living with people is the field of obedience [Read More...]

English Snobs and Yobs

English Snob

There’s an amusing article here in today’s Daily Telegraph by an Englishman chortling away at Americans’ ignorance about Britain. The author does a pretty good job of tossing off the usual snooty English comments about Americans. British visitors to America often report how shocked they are to discover how little is known about their country. [Read More...]

Kansas City Sees First Female Catholic Priest?

David Bawden - "Pope Michael"

The headline is linked to this article online about Georgia Walker who claims to be a Catholic priest. You can go here for a very entertaining picture gallery of the “ordination” If they are not aware of it already, folks should  realize that Georgia Walker in Kansas is as  much a Catholic priest as David Bawden is Pope [Read More...]