Verified or not, personal gnosis is where it’s at. I’m aware this might spark some dry wood, but I have to speak up in favor of personal experience with the gods over the traditional say-so. Here are a few reasons why I think personal gnosis is the key to your bliss. Read more

If the theory of epigenetic inheritance happens to humans over several generations, it means that we hold the memories and stresses of our ancestors, including religious persecution. Read more

My fears took on the size and shape of a giant black bear, rummaging through my house. I could feel him on the steps, just outside my door, waiting to rip me apart. Read more

The first time I used The Tarot of Vampyres deck, I fell in love with the gorgeous, detailed images and the meaningful passages full of deep insight and esoteric knowledge.  Yes, it’s dark, but it’s oh-so-beautiful. Read more

If you’ve tried everything and are still feeling stuck, end your torment. Get outside help from another pagan or witch who can show you what’s really going on.  Read more

Isis, Dionysis, Hekate, Uranus, and more — you’re not alone if you’ve been mispronouncing these gods’ names. Read more

It’s Ostara, time to welcome the maiden and her seeds of hope. In this Spring Equinox ritual, the dark and light goddesses meet, trade wisdom, and transfer authority over the land. Read more

Hela is a dark goddess, but she’s more than that — she’s the embodiment of death and the void.  She’s the greeter at the gate, the keeper of souls, Lady Death incarnate. Yes, she is a scary, awe-inspiring presence, but only if you have not made peace with your darkness. Read more

The first time I felt the thrill of the Gods was when I picked up Mythology, the book about the Greek and Roman Gods, by Edith Hamilton. Amazingly, this book is still a bestseller to this day, despite being published in 1942.  These Gods were my first love.  I like to say they were my “Gateway Gods” because they opened the doors to several other cultures of study, spiritual work, and practice. Some of you may remember the term “gateway… Read more

Sometimes, things don’t work out in a relationship. Here’s how you can cut energetic ties, move on, and be ready for the next partner. Read more

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