Creating New Traditions: A Solitary Book of Shadows

I’d been wanting to record my ceremonies for a while, so I started my first book of shadows. I was amazed — the simple act of writing down my rituals solidified my intentions within me. Now that they were on paper, the energy felt even more within my grasp. Read more

Don’t Tell Me How to Be a Pagan

Who has two thumbs and hates being told what to do? This girl. For some reason, I have a strong internal need to do things my own way and be my own person. Read more

Join the Magic Resistance. Bind Trump.

If you believe in energy and you want to make a positive change in politics, you might want to join me and over 30,000 other people for the next binding ritual. Read more

How I Knew I was a Pagan Witch: My Origin Story

I knew I was different from most other people. When I was five, I sang, “aw women” in the church when everyone else sang, “aw men” (or amen). I felt it was so unfair – everyone was praising the men, and the women were just as deserving. Who would praise them? I asked myself. I decided I would. Read more

What is a ‘Real’ Spiritual Experience?

I invoke the goddess. A subtle wind blows, sending chills that tickle my spine. My heart seems to swell and glow, and my throat goes numb. The timeless flow is upon me again. I am transcendent. And yet, to other people, these experiences sound like indigestion and weather phenomena. Read more

Meeting Baba Yaga

I dreamed of meeting Baba Yaga twice. Both times were moments of revelation. Some see her as a transformative crone who helps people move through change. However, she can also be a trickster. Read more

Creating a New Solitary Samhain Tradition

I suck at Samhain. For years, I’ve just celebrated Halloween, but I felt like a bad pagan. It was time for this solitary witch to start a new tradition. Read more

6 Things I Learned From Black Magic and Trickster Gods

Most witches follow the rede. “An it harms none, do as thou wilt.” But what happens when we get mad or do something stupid? Read more

How to Attract Faeries and Work with Them in Your Craft

Whether you call them faeries, fairies, the fae, or the fey, nature and elemental spirits are powerful and poetic allies. Working with them has many benefits. They can make a house feel like a home, and can bring a sense of etherial magic to your practice. Read more

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