The Story I told Him (part 3)


David of Nebula Part 3 of 4 Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here.David walked towards the nearest armchair, glancing around. There were paintings on the walls—of big rocks and many hues.“But you did see the lights back then,” David said.“Of course. I waited thirty years before I wrote it down, though. Perhaps I left out a detail or two. And perhaps I missed a few things. Well, I didn’t see the rainbow, did I. Apparently, I did miss at least one thing. . .”David sat in the so … [Read more...]

My brother–in an Otavalo cemetery

Dell and Me in Yucatan, 1963

This beautiful essay is by my brother, Dell Blair. Dell and I love Central and South America. Dell speaks Quichua and Spanish. Our siblings tended to go more to China. Dad went everywhere. This is one of the great Blair legacies. We do not tour. We root ourselves in places and people. Dell's essay shows it so movingly.Amado Maldonado.Shoulder deep into the dark soil the shovel tip snagged the edge of another casket.“Good,” said Rafael. “Dig to the end and down. Just make a l … [Read more...]

The Story I Told Him, Part 2


David of Nebula Part 1 (of four parts) is here. An audio CD of the story is free with a tax-deductible donation to the film Heart of Africa.Part 2 Again, David faced the door and knocked—three times this time, as hard as he could. He glanced behind him to see one last trace of the arc. It was gone.He could hear steps. They stopped just inches away, right behind the door. The knob moved, and the door opened—just an inch at first, and then fully.The old man stood before him, ben … [Read more...]

The Story I Told Him

double rainbow

Several years ago, I was sitting on a cabin porch with my son. We watched the stars and talked openly. It was a hard but needed talk, the beginning of our deeper friendship. At one point, I told him a story. I will post the story here in four parts, beginning today. I have made an audio CD of it, which I will send to anyone who donates to the Heart of Africa film. (Honor system. If you tell me you've donated, I'll send you a CD.)DAVID OF NEBULAA Short Book Written for a young … [Read more...]

Mormon Women Bear

mormon woman bear

I will be making calendars of various bear Mormon women/females. I am doing this as a protest.Yes. It is controversial. But as Edmund Spenser said: "Be bold, be bold, be not too bold." I am being boldly bold, but not boldly boldest.Show your support for this protest against oppressive patriarchies by donating $20.00 to Heart of Africa … [Read more...]

How Could We Have Forgotten Our Mother?

Mom reading The God Who Weeps to Dad

Mom reading The God Who Weeps to DadI talk a lot about my dad and often neglect to talk about my mother. This post is for her.The picture, one I took with my phone (sorry!), shows her doing what she does every night. She reads to my dad. As visitors drop by, Dad sometimes talks about how grateful he is for what others do for him. "My wife, Julia," he says, "reads to me every night. She serves me that way, and I love her." This particular book, by Terryl and Fiona Givens, is a token … [Read more...]

Looking Back Down the Years

mom and baby me

One assignment I give my students is to write a letter. My objective is for them to use their natural voice and to focus on a familiar audience, and thus to escape the pretentions of "officialese" or academic loquaciousness (like that). This semester, a student wrote to herself in the future, asking if she had turned out okay. It was a lovely essay.Five years ago, I wrote this to a missionary in the Congo--one I had later as a student.My letter:Dear Elder--On Thursday, I went … [Read more...]