What Does Hinduism Say About Homosexuality [Google Questions Answered]

I actually addressed this question back in April, but then I realized that I titled it Hinduism and Marriage Equality, so not everyone knew that it was also about what Hinduism believes about homosexuality in general.

Since a reader asked this recently AND it comes up in the top five searches for “What does Hinduism…” here is the link again to my post on what Hinduism has to say about Homosexuality:

Hinduism and Marriage Equality

gay hindus

Hope you’re having a great Friday and happy Deepavali again! I’m hosting a party tonight with a few friends. I’ll have some pictures for you on Monday!

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  • TruthSeeker

    WIsh you and your family members a very happy Diwali.

    • Ambaa

      You too! :D

  • Ambaa

    True enough and that’s a terrible shame. I hope very much that that will change.

    I am a Hindu and I support gay marriage. And I’m not the only one!

    • TF

      a person can engage in an homosexual act but how can he get married according to Hindu scriptures, but there are some fraud hindu clericswho will do any thing if u give money but that doesn’t mean its right.

      those who support homosexuality but oppose even the sterile consenting adults from having incestuous relationships or marriages are worst kind of left wing hypocrites

      • Ambaa

        I actually am in favor of consenting adults who are closely related and agree never to have children being allowed to get married.

        I am disturbed that you think any Hindu pandit who doesn’t agree with you must be a fraud and taking bribes. Those quoted here truly believe what they are saying and I agree with them.

        What difference does anyone else’s marriage mean to mine? If it’s wrong, then some karmic consequences will be theirs to deal with. That is all.

      • stormchaser1983

        TF you are completely off base….hinduism has always rearded homosexuality as a way of life….just that they did not get married as back in the day marriage meant precreation. but all the temples, statues, texts, customs all show a tremendously liberal attitude towards homosexuality. Ever heard of mohiniattam? That was when Krishna became a transgender and it is celebrated every year. Of course, once the colonial brisitsh came with their victorian mindset, everything changed. Truth is, if you want to be a true hindu then u cannot take the stance u have taken.

  • http://jasonjdotbiz.wordpress.com/ JasonJ


  • Ambaa

    I’m not sure where morality is entering in here. Is there any reason why two people who love each other shouldn’t get married? If genetic problems are a concern, don’t have children. Problem solved. We live in a world already over crowded as it is. I don’t see what’s immoral in any way about that.

    However, this is an entirely separate and unrelated point to homosexuality and gay marriage. I am absolutely certain that there is no immorality involved in gay marriage.

    This is not society collapsing, nor is it people having infinite freedom to do anything.

    I am very against rape, theft, murder, and all the other actually immoral things.

    • 5w_haul

      why are you mixing desires and love together if love is so prevailing 50% marriages shouldn’t end up in divorce.
      love is very loosely used word chances of true love are very rare. ingroup marriages leads to destruction of kula

      • Ambaa

        Love is tricky. Love is hard. Gay or straight or anything else, it’s always a challenge to overcome fear, ego, and whatever else stands in the way to fully act on love every single day.

    • Doug

      Believe it or not, being “in love” isn’t the only ingredient that makes a marriage. A true marriage has four components: it must be free, total, faithful, and fruitful. A gay couple could freely, totally, and faithfully give themselves to one another but they can never be fruitful. Even if we wanted to let them, gay marriage, by its very nature, is an oxymoron. It isn’t the only thing destructive to marriage however. Divorce destroys marriage because the couple isn’t “faithful.” Birth control and contraception destroys marriage because it is neither “fruitful” not “total” because essentially it is a husband and wife saying to each other “I am giving all of myself to you… except my fertility. I am simply using your body for my own pleasure.”

      Why are homosexual acts immoral?
      First, let’s make something clear, those that experience same sex attraction are NOT immoral or sinful, those that ACT on them are. Philosophically, what determines morality? It is the nature and intent of an action. Immorality is a disorder of that. For example, what is the purpose of speech? Essentially, it’s truth telling. What disorders speech and uses it for a contradictory purposes? Lies. Lies are immoral.
      So what is the purpose of sex? It has two: the unitive and the procreative, in the context of a monogamous committed marriage. Gay sex is not procreative, it disorders a purpose of sex, therefore, it’s immoral. Don’t even try the “then infertile couples can’t get married” argument. Infertile couples can married, IMPOTENT couples cannot. There is a difference, look it up. Infertile couples can still consummate their marriage, impotent couples, like gay ones, cannot so there marriage can never even be valid.

      Out society sees morality as subjective and based on emotions. At its very core, that isn’t true.

      • Ambaa

        I disagree that a marriage must be “fruitful” in the sense of procreation.

        That attitude is what has led to our current over population problems. I’m grateful for every married couple I know who chooses not to have children!

        Why should impotent people not be able to get married? That sounds utterly crazy to me.

        I see no problem with people who are gay acting on their feelings and desires. As I said in the other post, I have had experiences that made me change my mind on that one. I used to agree that they could just not act on it. Then I had experiences that made me realize how enormously, ridiculously hard that is. To ask them to do something that I’m not sure I could? No. You have never been challenged in that way, so I say don’t judge until you’ve been there.

        That is between them and God and is none of our business.

        Why should some people be forced to carry so much heavier of a burden than the rest of us and then ridiculed and harmed by society when that burden is too heavy?

        The entire thing about procreation and morality being tied together is very Catholic of you and doesn’t match my beliefs even a tiny bit. I could not disagree with you more!

        The Hindu requirements for a good marriage is a different four things:

        It joins two people for four purposes:
        dharma —> duty, harmony, balance
        artha—> worldly possessions/wealth
        kama—> passion, lust, desire
        moksha—> spiritual liberation, enlightenment

        • 5w_haul

          @disqus_70TzeVZwYB:disqus you can’t pick and choose goal of hindu life from dharmashastras and manusmriti because if you do, you have to accept other concepts as well and that would be pretty disturbing for you.
          homosexuality exist and accepted as form of various human desires in hindu tradition and i don’t see any love in it.
          i love my mates very deeply but don’t have any sexual desires for them like any normal person.
          desires and love aren’t synonyms most people confused them foolishly.
          love and sexual desires are two separate independent things, love is a theory, a concept, a experience and its immeasurable just like god, you don’t know it until you experience it.
          but sexual desires are very real, the drive and reproductive organs are given by nature to pass on our dna and survival of very best genetic materials. not for creation of so called ”product of love”.because this product can’t survive for long in this harsh world where best material survives.

          so who knows these unnatural desires are means by which nature is doing its job of removing incompetant material which was damaged due to genetic and environmental factors.
          at last action done out of desire bears karmic consequences.
          because its every being’s personal journey towards moksha we can not do much but it’s every righteous being’s dharma that we help remove ignorance.

          • Ambaa

            There are other reasons for sexual desires. They do not exist only for reproduction.

            Just because you do not feel desire for your “mates” does not mean that someone feeling that desire is unnatural. You don’t define all that is natural in this world.

            How am I “picking and choosing goal of human life”? The goal of human life is Moksha. It’s that simple.

      • 5w_haul

        well mate hindu morality is situational not a action itself.

  • http://amarchotoprithibi.blogspot.com/ Andrea

    This is the slippery slope logical fallacy. Incestuous relationships are not good because they have been scientifically proven to give higher rates of genetic disease such as hemophilia. Bestiality is not good because it is animal abuse. Pedophilia is not good because children cannot give consent. These are not the same thing as two adult consenting people in a relationship.

    Also in many societies around the world, some communities in India included, cousin marriage is not considered incestuous but in the United States today, it is. Whose sense of morality is the “correct” one?

  • 5w_haul

    a very happy diwali to you and your family

    • Ambaa

      Thank you!

  • Ambaa

    It seems like you’re trotting out an argument you’ve used before but it doesn’t quite match the current situation. Let go of this sterilization idea and comparing incest to homosexuality. They are NOT the same thing. Not at all connected. Your comparison makes no sense.

    You think they are both immoral. Why? I haven’t seen any reason why either one is immoral. Especially homosexuality. There’s nothing to suggest it is immoral in any way. Except you think it is. With no basis for that thought, apparently.

  • stormchaser1983

    thats coz of the victorian influcne of the colonial british folk